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As dawn breaks on the third decade of the 21st century, a new ageing landscape is emerging in Australia. This era of transformation will be one of embracing disruptive innovation as the new normal, reimagining the built and virtual environments, championing thoughtleadership at every opportunity, and negotiating the dynamic boundaries of ageing well. Driven by connected consumers and supported by an empowered workforce, this new era of ageing transformed will require next level leadership characterised by agile age service providers, able to reframe our industry, influence its trajectory and respond to ever-evolving models of care. LASA will lead the ageing transformed conversation at this year’s LASA National Congress 2018, where through a series of interactive discussions we will shine that ‘first light’ on the ageing transformed terrain of new era thinking, practices and models of age services for the next generation and beyond

2018 Congress Program: 

Plenary Session 1
1.00pm – 1.45pm

LASA Annual General Meeting
(Members Only)

2:00pm – 2:10pm Welcome and Introductions/ Welcome to Country/ Platinum Sponsor Address
Ellen Fanning, Master of Ceremonies 
Aunty Georgina Williams, Kaurna Senior Woman
Anwar Khalil, MyRecruitment+
2:10pm – 2:25pm

Official Opening of Congress
Dr Graeme Blackman AO, Chairman, LASA

2:25pm – 3.10pm

Opening Keynote Speaker
Dianne McGrath, Astronaut Candidate, MARS One

3.10pm – 3:35pm

Transforming the Customer Experience
George Bej, Director, Strativity Group

3:35pm – 4:35pm

Panel Session – Is Australia Ready for the New Era?
Join this panel of esteemed leaders and minds in exploring the bold decisions and actions that Australia as a nation must take to embrace the new era of baby boomers as they age.
Sean Rooney, CEO, LASA
George Bej, Director, Strativity Group
Cynthia Payne, Managing Director, Anchor Excellence
Kate Swaffer, Chair, CEO, Co-Founder, Dementia Alliance International Australia

 4:35pm – 4:55pm

Preparation for the Town Hall Meeting
Ellen Fanning, MC

4:55pm – 5:00pm

Welcome Reception Sponsor Address
Tom Enright, National Sales Manager, Foxtel

5:00pm – 7:00pm

Welcome Reception
Sponsored by Foxtel

Breakfast Sessions
7:00am – 8:30am Breakfast Session 1 – Future Home Care Reforms
Troy Speirs, Principal Advisor Home Care, LASA
Breakfast Session 2 – Single Age Care Quality Framework
Sharyn Mcllwain, Principal Advisor Residential Aged Care, LASA
Plenary Session 2
8:30am- 8:35am Welcome to Day Two
Ellen Fanning, MC
8:35am- 9:00am LASA CEO Address
Sean Rooney, CEO, LASA
9:00am- 10:30am Town Hall Meeting
Ellen Fanning, Master of Ceremonies

Sean Rooney, CEO, LASA
Tim Hicks, General Manager Policy and Advocacy, LASA
Join this dynamic and interactive session to debate the key issues affecting the age services industry now and in the years ahead. As Your Voice in Aged Care, LASA values this opportunity to collectively debate and harvest the best strategies to ensure Ageing is positively embraced by policy makers, politicians, and Australian society. CEO Sean Rooney will provide a formal Communique regarding the outcomes, following this session.
10:30am- 11:00am Morning Tea
Concurrent A1 – Governance
11:00am- 11:30am Transforming from the Rules of Governance to Futuristic Organisational Management
Richard Royle, Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
The rules would state governance is about assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation . But let’s move our focus from the rules, and to ‘future readiness, high performance, and innovation’. 
11:30am- 12:00pm The Key to Good Governance is Culture
Dr Karen Thurecht, Age Care Consultant, CareLynx
Sue Boisen, Executive Director, CareLynx 

The power of culture within an organisation is now paramount. This presentation shares how an organisation’s culture can be harnessed to translate into ‘good governance’ and positive consumer experiences.
12:00pm- 12:30pm Fish Rots from the Head
Sabine Phillips, Principal, Gadens Lawyers
Aged care is changing so should their boards to meet the expectations of corporate and clinical governance.
Concurrent A2 – Innovation
11:00am- 11:30am Balancing Profit with Purpose 
Bruce Mullan, CEO and Founder,  The Purpose Drive Group
The biggest challenge facing many Boards, Directors and CEOs is remaining viable in the current climate. As a leader, you have a responsibility to create an adaptive and responsive organisation to ensure your sustainability. So, how can you do good but also do well?
11:30am- 12:00pm Why Haven’t Alternative Models of Retirement Living and Residential Care Evolved in the Australian Context
Darrell Price, Principal, Grant Thornton
Why haven’t alternative models of retirement living and residential care evolved in the Australian context – and will they? Let’s explore some of the new models for senior accommodation. 
12:00pm- 12:30pm Retire Well, Live Well
Donald Swanborough, Training and Development Manager, Affinity Aged Care Financial Services
Retirement villages are currently suffering negative publicity and sluggish growth. We’ll show you how savvy financial advice can make boost your sales to improve your occupancy. 
Concurrent A3 – Consumer Directed Care
11:00am- 11:30am The Kids are Coming
Kevin McCreton, Managing Director, Catalyst Research

Younger shoppers are having a profound impact on the post-CDC market. How will their needs affect Home Care provider choice?
11:30am- 12:00pm CDC the Baby Boomers are Demanding It.
Linda Murray, Director, Murray Strategic and Rachel Lane, Principal, Age Care Gurus
The baby boomers are coming. Can you hear them roar?
12:00pm- 12:30pm Relationship Based Home Care – A Sustainable Solution
Martin Warner, Director, Home Instead
Presenting an international perspective on the future sustainability of home care. The time is now to evolve from consumer-directed to a relationship-based model of care delivery. #HomeInsteadSeniorCare
Concurrent A4 Workforce
11:00am- 11:30am Excellence in Care – Aligning Culture and Capability for Age Care
Kim Yabsley, Director, Stratcom Pty Ltd
Building a better aged care sector by aligning culture and capability for enhanced outcomes and delivering integrated solutions that result in ‘Excellence in Care’.
11:30am- 12:00pm Fresh Thinking: Prepare your workforce through learning and development.
Andy Hoggan, Psychologist, Executive Coach, Mirus Group

Fresh Thinking: Prepare your workforce through learning and development.
12:00pm- 12:30pm Staying Ahead of the Curve
Jessica Fisher, Partner, FCB Workplace Law

How flexible working arrangements minimise costs, improve resident care & maintain employee morale
Concurrent A5 – Environment and Design
11:00am- 11:30am Designing for a New Era
Scott Colegate, Principal, Marchese Partners
How does good design make a fundamental difference in making lives better for ageing people, and how best to achieve it through shared vision, collaboration and teamwork.
11:30am- 12:00pm Designing and Building an Intentional Community – Smart Road
Dorothy Nycz, General Manager Environments, ECH Inc
More than retirement living, its healthy community living at Smart Road ECH.
12:00pm- 12:30pm A new era, what happens to my Place?
Debbie De Fiddes, CEO, De Fiddes Design
Demonstrating how a semi-rural facility design supports ageing well and imbues connection to place.
Concurrent A6 – C Suite Only Session
11.00am – 12.30pm C-Suite Panel Session
Penni Roberts, CEO, Kaloma Home for the Aged
Norbert Walther, Group CEO, Enrich Health Group
Dr Nicky Howe, CEO, Southcare
Nick Loudon, CEO, Seasons Aged Care
Andrew Meinel, CEO, KeyInvest
Insights from CEOs of their experiences in  leading and transforming age services provision across both Charitable and For-Profit organisations. This session is reserved for  Chief Executives and C-suite officers.
12:30pm- 2:00pm Lunch
Fishbowl Conversations
2:00pm- 3:00pm Concurrent B1 Rural and Remote
Penni Roberts, CEO, Kaloma Home for the Aged
Mark Diamond, CEO, National Rural Health Alliance Ltd
The challenges and successes of ageing in rural and remote communities
2:00pm- 3:00pm Concurrent B2 Death and Dying
Matiu Bush, Bolton Clarke
Jessie Williams, The Groundswell Project
Reframing Dying in Australia
2:00pm- 3:00pm Concurrent B3 NDIS and the Age Services Intersect
Darrell Price, Grant Thornton
Richard Littler, Xavier 
What is the consumer experience at the intersection between the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Aged Care system?
2:00pm- 3:00pm Concurrent B4 Next Gen Forum
Samantha Bowen, The Acorn Network
Next generation talent in the ageing services industry share their insights.
2:00pm- 3:00pm Concurrent B5 Resource Utilisation and Classification Study (RUCS)
Maureen Kennedy, Bolton Clarke
Exploring new models for allocating the funding in Residential Care
2:00pm- 3:00pm Concurrent B6 Board Governance
Dr Graeme Blackman AO, LASA
Catherine Maxwell, Governance Institute
An exclusive session on Governance perspectives for Board Members of age services organisations, facilitated by LASA Board Chair Dr Graeme Blackman AO
3:00pm- 3:30pm Afternoon Tea
Plenary Session 3
3:30pm- 4:00pm Building and Keeping a Care Workforce – Lessons from Around the World
Neil Eastwood, Author, Saving Social Care
In this high-energy session Neil, will share the recruitment and retention secrets he discovered repeatedly being used by high-growth care employers. These proven methods are now transforming the fortunes of care organisations of all types and many tips can be actioned by delegates immediately.
4:00pm- 4:20pm Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – Lessons Learnt from the financial services Royal Commission
Peter Weldon, Program Director, Financial Services Royal Commission, First State Super
4:20pm – 4:40pm Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – What it means for you
Victor Harcourt, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers
4:40pm – 5:00pm Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – Working with Industry
Sean Rooney, CEO, LASA
5:00pm- 5:05pm Pre-Dinner Drinks Sponsor Address
James Price, Managing Director, Mirus Australia
5:05pm- 6:30pm Pre-Dinner Drinks
Sponsored by Mirus Australia
6:30pm- 10:00pm Optional Focus Dinners 
6:30pm- 10:00pm Focus Dinner 1
The Heart and Head of Scarcity: How not having enough impacts organisations, services and you
Merlin Kong, Principal Advisor Innovation, LASA
6:30pm- 10:00pm Focus Dinner 2
Not for Profits and Industry Working Together for a Better Resident Experience
Michelle Hogan, Helping Hand
Kate Weger, Southern Cross Care
6:30pm- 10:00pm Focus Dinner 3
Next Level Client Experience
Dr Robert Dew, Author, Customer Experience Innovation
Client Experience, (CX) is a hot topic in the aged services sector right now because the new national care standards are heavily focused on the concept. As a result many Aged Care Providers have little choice but to comply. Successful providers are turning the tables on the required changes by leveraging the new standards to drive CX based innovation for advocacy and referral.
Breakfast Sessions
7:00am- 8:30am Breakfast Session 3 – Digital Health Breakfast
Jim Birch AM, Chair. Australian Digital Health Agency

Breakfast Session 4
Medications in Aged Care – Challenge or Opportunity?
Dr Natalie Soulsby, Ward MM
Matiu Bush, Bolton Clarke
Fonda Voukelatos, Uniting AgeWell
Allan Sheffield, My DNA

Dr Natalie Soulsby (Pharmacist of the Year 2017) will demystify the perils of medication use in the elderly and the challenges in providing person centred medication care. Natalie will outline practical solutions to mitigate the risk of medication-related harm in Aged and Community Care. Followed by a discussion with industry experts on ‘How we can reduce medication misadventure to improve quality of life for the elderly’.


Plenary Session 4
8:45am- 8:50am Welcome
Ellen Fanning, MC
8:50am- 9:15am Marketing in the Changing Age Care Landscape
Veronica Mayne, Managing Director, Faster Horses Consulting
9:15am- 9:45am Aveo – Transforming the Image and Reality
Media and public stakeholder scrutiny is now a fact of life for the senior living and aged care sector.  Geoff Grady, CEO of Aveo will outline its experience over the past year and how Aveo has responded to the extraordinary challenge with all the stakeholder groups – potential residents, industry, government, media, and concerned existing residents. 
Geoff Grady, CEO, Aveo Group
9:45am- 10:30am Transforming Quality Care Panel
Facilitated by Ellen Fanning
Andrea Coote, Chair, Aged Care Quality Advisory Council
Rae Lamb, Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
Dr David Panter, CEO, ECH Inc
Michael Greco, CEO, Care Opinion
At the dawning of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, hear from influential and informed leaders of how the new commission should operate to provide confidence and effectiveness for all.
10:30am- 11:00am Morning Tea
Concurrent C1 – Finance and Funding
11:00am- 11:30am Optioning up the Car – Prepaid Services and Accommodation under Consumer Directed Care
Bruce Bailey, Managing Director, Pride Living
Disaggregation, bundling, segmentation, companion selling. What’s happening to Care – it’s becoming Consumer focussed and it’s profitable or is it? Do your customers understand the benefits of choosing you?
11:30am- 12:00pm Beyond the Horizon – A Look into a Future of a Deregulated Market
Cam Ansell, Managing Director, Ansell Strategic
Exploring a future for the aged care industry in a deregulated market and the challenges and opportunities that the sector may face.
12:00pm- 12:30pm Retirement Living – An Alternative to the Lump Sum ‘ingoing’ Contract – Try Before you Buy!
Michelle Dowsett, CEO, Sale Elderly Village Inc
Sale Elderly Citizens Village – a community based NFP leads the way with more options for retirement living – no lump sum payment/long term contract, “try before you buy”!
Concurrent C2  – Research
11:00am- 11:30am LGBTIQ People Ageing Well: Finding out what matters most to older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer/Questioning People
Desmond Ford, Head of Programs and Business Development, COTA SA
Older LGBTIQ people have their say about what matters most to them as they age.
11:30am- 12:00pm What Does it Take for an Older Person to Live at Home until Death
Dr David Panter, CEO, ECH Inc.
ECH Developing a Level 5 HCP – staying at home until death  
12:00pm- 12:30pm The Registry of Older South Australians (ROSA): Framework, Current Cohort, and Expected Impact
A/Prof Maria Inacio, Director and Registry of Older South Australians, SAHMRI
The Registry of Older South Australians’ (ROSA) aim is to improve the quality of ageing in our state.
Concurrent C3  – Quality and Best Practice
11:00am- 11:30am Promoting ‘Engagement with Life’ and Addressing Social Isolation Among Older People.
Dr Edoardo Rosso, Project Manager Social Planning, ECH Inc

Co-designed locally-responsive ‘engagement with life’ opportunities help addressing social isolation
11:30am- 12:00pm Listening and Responding to Forgotten Australians – Understanding the Second Time Around
Diana O’Neil, Project Officer Forgotten Australians, Helping Hands Aged Care
Helping Hands Aged Care Forgotten Australians – listening, understanding and responding the second time around!
12:00pm- 12:30pm Compliance Under the New Single Aged Care Quality Framework – Exploring the Key Legal and Regulatory Issues
Julie McStay, Director, Hynes Legal
Overview of key legal and regulatory issues under the Standards and the changes to implement to ensure compliance 
Concurrent C4 – Marketing, Media and Branding
11:00am- 11:30am What really matters to clients? Determinants of Net Promoter Scores
Dr Catherine Joyce, Research and Innovation Manager, Benetas
Benetas shows how knowing the drivers of your NPS can improve your customer centricity  
11:30am- 12:00pm Fresh Thinking: A long Life is Worth Caring About and so is the life of your brand.
Amanda Terranova, Director of Marketing and Brand, Mirus Australia
At the ‘moment of truth’ when a consumer is about to make a choice, are you being discussed at the kitchen table or is the glossy brochure in the bin?
12:00pm- 12:30pm A New Era in Media and Public Scrutiny – How to Protect the Reputation of your Aged Care Organisation
Gail D’Arcy, Managing Director, The D’arcy Partnerships Pty Ltd 
With intense media scrutiny of aged care, organisations need to know what to do to minimise damage to reputation now.
Concurrent C5 – Wellness and Re-ablement
11:00am- 11:30am Collaborating to Create a Dementia-Friendly Society: a Symposium Translating the Impact of Multi-Sectorial Collaborations.
Dr Dannielle Post, Research Officer, School of Health Science, Uni SA
Dr Kate Laver, NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow, Flinders University

Insights to collaborative approaches intended to improve the well-being of people with dementia.
11:30am- 12:00pm Active@Home – Evidence Based Reablement for Community-Dwelling Customers
Dr Tim Henwood, Consultant, Active@Home
Dr Sharon Hetherington, Research Manager, Active@Home

Evidence-based, in-home, resistance and balance exercise program proven to prolong independence in older people  
12:00pm- 12:30pm Ageing is Not a Disease – The Paradigm Shift from Clinical to Well-being and Reablement Models of Care
Lidia Conci, Managing Director, AvantiCare
Ageing is not a disease. A transformation towards wellness and reablement is necessary to meet future consumer expectations. Let’s bring purpose and meaning back to the lives of older people.
Concurrent C6 – Partnered Session – China/Australia Exchange
11:00am- 11:45am The China Experience
David Lane, Chairman Emeritus, Partner, ThomsonAdsett
11:45am- 12:30pm Thinking About Investing in China – what is it you really want to achieve?
Matthew Blissett, Blissett group
Plenary Session 5
12:30pm- 2:00pm Lunch
2.00pm – 2.30pm Workforce in the New Era
Professor John Pollaers OAM, Chair, Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce
How will Australia future-proof the care and support of an ageing society through the Workforce Strategy?
2:30pm- 3:15pm Workforce Panel Session
Professor John Pollaers OAM, Chair, Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce
Neil Eastwood, Author, Saving Social Care
Olaf Zalmstra, General Manager Assets, Services and Properties, MiCare
Mary Delahunty, Head of Impact, HESTA Super Fund
Rebekha Sharkie, MP – Member for Mayo South Australia
Senator Helen Polley, Senator for Tasmania ALP
Senator Rachel Siewert, Senator for Western Australia Australian Greens Party
An interactive panel session exploring the Australian and international workforce challenges and responses to the dawning of a new era in ageing services.
3:15pm- 4:00pm One Good Street
Matiu Bush, Design Integration Lead, Bolton Clarke
One Good Street is a community initiative which aims to reduce social isolation in older residents and is being piloted in North Melbourne and Kensington. One Good Street seeks to create opportunities for residents to make a positive difference in the lives of their senior neighbours and works closely with the Good Karma Networks and other local community groups.
4:00pm- 4:05pm Gala Dinner Sponsor Address
Kylie Whicher, General Manager Client Partnerships, HESTA
4:05pm- 4:15pm Congress Reflections
Sean Rooney, CEO, LASA
4:15pm – 4:20pm Congress Close
Ellen Fanning, MC
6:00pm- 6:30pm VIP Sponsor and Exhibitor Thank You Pre Dinner Drinks (Invitation Only)
6:30pm- Late Congress Gala Dinner and Excellence in Age Services Awards
LASA’s upcoming National Congress this October will see the inclusion of an Innovation Hub. Sponsored by innovAGEING—Australia’s national aged care innovation network supported by the Commonwealth Government, Foundation Partners CommBank and KPMG, and Gold Partners ALIVE (part of the Mirus Group) and KontentLabs.

Building on Congress’ theme of Ageing Transformed…  the Dawning of a New Era, the Innovation Hub will showcase the latest in innovation thinking and practice from organisations like Bolton Clarke, IRT, Eldercare, Dementia Australia, and the National Ageing Research Institute.

Panel topics covered at this year’s Hub include:

  • Connecting the intersections between person-centered design, corporate strategy, and shared value.
  • Identifying the role of startup ecosystems and open innovation in the aged care industry.
  • Applying process improvement learnings from other industries.
  • Designing for consumer-centricity, and its impacts on services and products.

“The Innovation Hub is an incredible opportunity to share the latest in management practices and thinking on aged care innovation at what is the largest aged care event in Australia. The curated speakers lineup is a showcase of innovation best practices in our industry. We’re focusing the Hub as a forum to share industry experience in tackling strategic organisational issues in delivering positive outcomes for older Australians and their families. Success for innovAGEING would be that the Hub imparts to Congress attendees a sense that innovation is not just about VR goggles, sensors, robots, AI,  IT systems, and whatever have you—it begins with an idea to make people’s lives better, and everything else is a means to this end.” Merlin Kong, Principal Advisor for innovAGEING.

Below is the full speaking program for the 2018 Innovation Hub –


Monday 29 October 2018

9.00am Technology: Using a Co-Design Approach to Understand the Older Person’s Perspective
Dr Frances Batchelor, Director of Clinical Gerontology, National Ageing Research Institute (NARI)
Technology is increasingly being seen as playing a key role in aged care. As such, there is considerable opportunity to systematically understand the problems being addressed and the best ways to apply technology from the perspective of the end-user. We’ll look at the follow cases: a virtual exercise class using avatars, e-interpreting for the diagnosis of dementia, and development of a translation app for people for people receiving home care.
9.30am Using VR to Engage in Dementia Care
Dr Tanya Petrovich, Business Development Manager, Dementia Australia

Virtual Reality is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to deliver better support, and better outcomes for people living with dementia. The Virtual Dementia Experience™ is just one way in which game technology has been used to engage our audience in understanding dementia. For people living with dementia, our first step into VR was the ‘The Virtual Forest’ a calming and relaxing experience that has been designed to specifically engage people living with dementia.
10.00am Closing the Gap Between Idea, Execution, and Clinical Validation
Cameron van den Dungen, CEO, Sleeptite
It began with a simple question regarding the future of the mattress industry, that led Cameron to trace his industry’s global value chain. At the end of this search was a kind, innovative, non-invasive medical grade resident monitoring system. Well see how seemingly serendipitous touchpoints through his family’s mattress business, car racing, school ties, and an inquisitive personality led to his breakthrough.
10:15am How Digital Technology, Architecture and Marketing Can Enhance Lives and Where People Live
Dylan Verrier, Co-Founder, Pluss60
This is about debunking the myth that older persons don’t use mobile apps. Pluss is a lifestyle assistant and communication platform, specifically built for the residents and staff of today’s Retirement Village. A two way system, that brings out the best in any community.
10.30am Panel Discussion
NARI, Dementia Australia, Sleeptite & Pluss60
11.00am How To Think Like a Start Up
Faith Forster, Founder, KPMG UpStarts
Thinking and operating like a startup allows you to launch new products and digital businesses with inherently less risk, reducing spend and potential exposure until you have proven it is viable & scalable. In this session we will talk through some of the practical differences in how a corporate vs a startup approaches common challenges in early stage businesses.
11.30am Venturing Into the Unkown World of Open Innovation, Start-Ups and Intrapreneurship
Deanna Sacco, Head of Product and Service Innovation, IRT Group
Can aged care providers foster open innovation and a lean start-up approach within their respective organisations? What are the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls?
12.00pm The Agile Organisation
Peter Haywood, Agile Coach and Mentor, Commonwealth Bank
What are the attributes of any ‘agile’ organisation? How do they shape mindset, values, practice and ongoing success in an ever-changing and uncertain world? This presentation brings a practical overview of all of these points, to challenge your thinking and approaches to “being” and thinking” agile, and not just “doing” agile, in ways that work for any organisation, team and individual.
12.30pm Lunch
2.00pm Innovation, Opportunity and the Ageing Population
Julianne Parkinson, CEO, Global Centre for Modern Ageing
The phenomenon of the ageing population requires a major rethink of how older people fit in society. Modern Ageing is a new narrative, a new way of looking at getting older where people continue to be purposeful and productive and live their best life. Innovation and technology will enable this change but to succeed, it will require deep engagement with people co-designing products and services.
2.30pm When Human Centred Design and Strategy Collide
Lauren Ffrost, Design Integration Lead, Bolton Clarke
We’ll discuss how Bolton Clarke is applying design thinking to business problems to get different, more innovative outcomes that create value. This presentation will share insights and lessons on building a culture of design, and how it’s being used to shape and validate strategy. 
3.00pm Panel Discussion
KPMG, IRT Group, Global Centre for Modern Ageing, CBA, Bolton Clarke
3.30pm Innovating for Social Impact: Shared Value as a Framework for Innovation
Janine Yeates, Associate Director, Ellis Jones
In this presentation, we will explore how shared value provides a framework for innovation in aged care – allowing providers to understand, define and measure the impact of new programs, platforms and services on the health and happiness of Australians while delivering business outcomes.
4.00pm Designing With Data: Wearables, Surveys, Call Bells and Other Important Things
Ryan Midgley, Operations Manager, Eldercare
Explore Eldercare’s process of supplementing design initiatives with data in better understanding end-user wants and needs. It’s a concerted effort on moving from ‘How’ to ‘Wow’.
4.30pm Truly, Madly, Deeply Human
Anthony Carroll, Marketing and Innovation Consultant, Mirus Group
With the increasing demand for more customer-centricity, how might we partner with our customers to ensure a workable balance between their needs and the viability of our organisations? In this session we explore why Valentine’s Day is broken and why we need to redefine it for it to be truly customer-centric. And how those lessons can be applied to create a more customer centred approach in Aged care.
4.45pm No shortcuts- How co-design and collaboration transform the user experience
Melissa Young, Business Development Manager, TADWA
We know that the best solutions start with understanding what is important to people and making them partners in the process of innovation or invention. For home modification, assistive technology or customised solutions, the best result is achieved in a collaborative relationship between occupational Therapist, customer and technician. Amazing things are possible when the customer provides the “why”, the Occupational Therapist provides the “what” and the technician provides the “how”.
5.00pm Panel Discussion
Ellis Jones, Eldercare, Mirus Group, TADWA
5.30pm  Pre-Dinner Drinks

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

9.00am Get a Start Up Inside Your Business, the Why and How
Sean Grealy, Co-Founder and CEO, Care Konnect
Innovation is not just about start-ups, but what if mature incumbent aged care providers could harness the benefits of start-ups for their organisations. Here’s a presentation that will tell you why this is important, and how to make this happen.
9.20am Content is King, but Community is the Kingdom
Marc Niemes, Executive Producer, KontentLabs
Rapid frontline communities of practice, chat bots and AI to address the care challenges of medication management–this is our industry’s $2.5billion dollar question.
9.40am Start Ups and the Connected Home: The Changing Aged Care Landscape
Marley Brown, Founding Director and CEO, Conpago
We’ll explore how smart home technologies can be utilised not only to provide health alerts, but can also be used to boost the social engagement of people who receive home care or live in an retirement village. This talk seeks to redefine the role that care providers can play in the future of smart, connected homes as well as some of the key synergies and benefits that arise from partnerships between established care providers and nimble start up companies.
10:00am Getting the Most Out of Your Innovation Activity
Rob Deeming, Billy CEO, Billy Care
There are many types of innovation, and innovators – incubators, startups, accelerators, hackathons, agile training, lean practice – how do we know where to start? All the great innovative businesses have started from a clear understanding of what they are looking to get from innovation, and align their investments to those goals. This session will cover what those motivations can be, and how to align innovation investment to innovation goals. It would be suited to CEOs, and others with the innovation mandate for their organisation.
10.20am Panel Discussion
Care Konnect, KotentLabs, Conpago, Billy
11.00am Consumer Centricity and Innovation Culture
Kaizaad Mehta, National Associate Director, Commonwealth Bank
The benefits of consumer centricity achieved through the adoption of design thinking, collaboration, and co-design.
Follow the CBA on their design journey as they share practical insights and examples of co-designing solutions.
11.30am Competing for the Ageing Dollar – Using the Challenge to Create a New Future!
Megan Corlis, Director of Research and Development, Helping Hand
The future is reliant on partnerships and innovation, competition will challenge the way we do things. Helping Hand in SA is adopting different approaches to ensuring research equals change as well as experimenting with new funding sources such as commercialisation. This presentation will discuss these approaches through several successful case studies.
11:45am Digital Change, Its Impact and Possibilities for Aged Care
Anthony Byrne, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Emprevo
Digital technology can improve outcomes for the aged care industry, streamlining and automating processes, and enabling employers and workers alike to seamlessly effect change and outcomes. There are tremendous opportunities for our industry in the present changing digital landscape, and providers can adopt these changes without fear and uncertainty.
12.00pm Continuous Transformation – Business Led & Supported by Technology
Damien Drew, Market Lead – Community Care, and Nicki Doyle, Partner – Health ageing and Human Services, KPMG
With change being the new norm, NGO’s need to be “transformation fit”. Transformation is multilayered and needs to be driven at all levels. We invite you to hear some of our observations as to the common barriers to successful business led transformation as well as some of our recent lessons on modern technology platforms capable of keeping up with your transformation agenda.
12.30pm Panel Discussion
Commonwealth Bank, Helping Hand, Emprevo, KPMG
Following an overwhelming response of submissions to our call for abstracts, LASA have introduced a digital poster program that will showcase additional, high quality submissions as part of this year’s program. Delegates will be able to view the posters on their personal devices or on large digital screens throughout the trade exhibition and in an ongoing capacity over the next 12 months on the poster program website.

The inclusion of digital posters is an integral part of the Congress program and gives you greater opportunity to effectively convey information that may not be possible through a traditional printed poster.

The Digital Poster being presented at the 2018 LASA National Congress include –

Research – Informing and transforming the new aging reality
Evaluation of a Community Based Memory Wellness Program
Community based memory wellness program found to improve cognitive function, decrease anxiety and stress among older Australians.
Indra Arunachalam, Project Manager – Strategy and Innovation, IntegratedLiving Australia Ltd
Transforming partnerships in Aged Care –partnering with a corporate provider creating research opportunities and improved outcomes for residents and staff.
A research project case study transforming new partnerships in aged care with a corporate provider.
Michelle Hogan, Client Safety and Quality Consultant, Helping Hand Aged Care
Harnessing wisdom: co-designing tailored services with diverse community groups
Co-design research methodology the key to successful translational research for diverse communities.
Robyn Burton, Diversity, ECH Inc
Workforce – Creating a future ready workforce
Locked in a Box – Fighting in the War for Talent, and how to change the rules of engagement
Helen Kemp, CEO, Newly Pty Ltd
Fresh Thinking: Prepare your workforce through learning and development
At the ‘moment of truth’ when a consumer is about to make a choice, are you being discussed at the kitchen table or is the glossy brochure in the bin?
Samantha Lam, Learning and Development Manager, Mirus Group
Embedding wellness: An evidence based training framework for community care workers
Community care workers share their views on what’s needed to embed a wellness approach in service delivery
Dr Yvette Miller, Associate Professor, Brisbane North Primary Health Network
Julie Morrow, Manager, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
What are Care Pathways and how will they help my workforce issues?
How do we enable all staff (regardless of skill) to provide consistent and intelligible care? Using Care Pathways embedded into software to direct quality care and overcome workforce shortages.
Sue Boisen, Executive Director, CareLynx
The right staff are ECH’s future workforce solution
Recruit staff connected to the purpose + invest in their future capabilities = a quality longer term workforce
Michelle Mills, Change and Culture Lead,  ECH Inc.
How innovative technology can drive better outcomes for aged care residents, workforce and operators.
Experienced experts tell all! How to manage a large Aged Care workforce using leading technology
Leigh Herbert, Business Solutions Director, Emprevo
Embracing Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Recruitment Practices
Can AI predict cultural fit, emotional resilience and eliminate unconscious bias? Embracing automation and Artificial Intelligence in everyday recruitment practices.
Anwar Khalil, CEO, Myrecruitment+
Future Proofing the Workforce
Millennials will soon make up half the workforce and we’re approaching the biggest leadership succession ever! We must adapt by engaging the NEXT GEN. Together, we will explore how to…
Laura Sutherland, Director, 3D Recruit
Innovative Student Placements – a Workforce for the Future
The Student Education and Participation Program that has evolved at Helping Hand Aged Care over the past decade is based on ongoing research and evaluation and is a highly innovative example of the Teaching Nursing Home model. Drawing on that body of work and findings from the national evaluation of Australia’s TRACS (Teaching and Research Aged Care Services) program (2012-2015), this presentation will describe the Helping Hand model, together with lessons learned about the challenges faced, enabling factors, the benefits generated, and outcomes achieved.
Helen Loffler, Manager Student Participation, Helping Hand Aged Care
Addressing Attrition with Better Selection
Attrition of the workforce is an expensive variable in fixed budgets. Reducing that cost is an imperative that begins with the need for a rapid and focused evaluation of candidates at the start. A situation exacerbated by the number of trainees completing Aged Care courses where candidates are assessed for their knowledge, but not of their functional ability to maintain their situational awareness, responsiveness to the needs of residents, or even a level of anticipation relative to adverse potential in the workplace.
Peter Rosenweg, Managing Director, Psyfactors
Governance – Meeting organisational governance expectations
Governance and technology: How Evolution in Technology Challenges Traditional Governance Thinking and How to Answer the Challenge
Technology powers increased productivity but raises governance challenges to providers and vendors, especially in privacy and cyber-security. Craig will demonstrate the need for strong governance in technology implementation.
Craig Subocz, Senior Associate, Russell Kennedy
Risk, Boards and Innovation – how do you strike the perfect balance?
With so much activity in this sector, it brings great opportunity and alongside that opportunity, risk. Risk when managed correctly, can be a key pillar of your organisation’s strategy for growth and long-term sustainability.
Lyle Steffensen, Leader – Marsh Aged Care Solutions
Innovation – Responding to an ever-increasing complex set of challenges and opportunities
Fresh Thinking: You can do anything you want but you can’t achieve everything you want. Try co-sourcing!
At the ‘moment of truth’ when a consumer is about to make a choice, are you being discussed at the kitchen table or is the glossy brochure in the bin?
Robert Covino, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Mirus Australia 
Country SA Aged Care Support: An innovative program for older people to understand & navigate the My Aged Care Gateway.
Face-to-face support helps older people navigate aged care systems and empowers them to have a voice
Helen Morley, Project Officer, COTA SA
Rebooting Clinical Management and Clinical documentation through technology
CareLynx has built innovative and dynamic Clinical Systems in a technology solution to meet the new dawn of aged care; Clinical Champion and the Carer’s Portal.
Maureen Fields, Executive Care Director, CareLynx
10K Project: A community well-being approach to ageing well through transforming a residential aged care facility to a community hub
Imagine what happens when a residential aged care home transforms from a place of care into a hub where relationships and inter-generational learning thrive. Welcome to the 10K Project.
Jessie Williams, Executive Officer, The GroundSwell Project
Prof Debbie Horsfall, School of Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University
Helen Emerson, Head of Care Services, Southern Cross Care (NSW, ACT)
This presentation uses the 7 deadly sins as a warning of the innovation traps.
#The 7 Deadly Sins of Innovation #How to Embrace Innovation
Tammy Marshall, Managing Director, The B Hive
GRIT Health – using technology to inform and change the management of chronic disease in Australia
GRIT Health is a health monitoring solution designed to better support people with chronic health conditions to take control of their lives and be accountable for their health
Tracey Silvester, Executive Manager, GRIT Health
Architecting the data and systems in your organisation for competitive advantage.
Aged Services organisations need to have access to quality information to withstand the emerging competitive pressures of the industry. Learn how current and emerging technology can achieve AAAA outcomes.
Ashley How, Director, LightARC Pty Ltd
Growing Pains – Integrate or Disintegrate – Ensuring innovation has a positive impact 
Digital transformation, embracing innovation, it’s a minefield! Done well, the rewards are significant. Done poorly you end up with a catastrophe.
Katrina Ong, Quality, Compliance and Risk Consultant, Pride Living Group
Medicines: a new era of opportunity to THRIVE.
Your members can THRIVE. Innovative new service, provides proactive, person-centric medication management.
Dr Natalie Soulsby, Clinical Director, WardMM
Transparent Business Eco-Systems are Essential for Better Care. 
George Guorgi, Owner, Health Management Systems
Quality and Best Practice – Making quality the focus of transformation
Mergers and acquisitions: The role of Clinical IT in forming new organisations
VMCH explores the role of Clinical IT in bringing merged providers together with shared systems
Mary-Lynn Gillin, Quality Coordinator, VMCH
Emma Mole, Quality Coordinator, VMCH
Are you being watched? The rise of secret cameras in residential and home care. What do providers need to do?
Anita Courtney, Senior Associate, Russell Kennedy Lawyers
Libby Pallot, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers
Caring for Families Program assisting Residents and Families by providing support during the settling in period at IRT Kangara Waters
Enriching the life of elderly persons transitioning into life in a residential care environment.
Margaret Thornton, Business Manager Eurobodalla & ACT, IRT Group
Hilde de Raadt-Abma, Social Welfare Officer
Anaphylaxis Safety in Aged Care: Not to be Sneezed at, Australia is the Allergic Capital of the World
Anaphylaxis is not a joke; being prepared, proactive and preventative in approach within the aged care setting can and will save lives, when seconds count!
Dr Pooja Newman, Founder, Globalaai
A New Dawn – Reframing Aged Care Service Delivery Through Models of Care
Utilising an Australian case study we consider, how can we develop, adopt and implement a successful model of care?
Judi Coombe, Manager Operations, Ansell Strategic Pty Ltd
Marketing, Media and Branding – Transforming your image to become an industry leader
Marketing and the Digital Revolution
Marketing is no longer ‘set and forget’. The landscape has changed. Engagement requires a different approach. After watching this, you’ll may rethink how you’re allocating your marketing resources and workforce.
Carolyn Loton, Director, Juntos Marketing
Delivering on business and social outcomes: aged care communications as a tool for impact
Janine Yeates, Senior Account Manager, Ellis Jones
Building brands in the new era of aged care: A market demanding trust and transparency.
Janine Yeates, Senior Account Manager, Ellis Jones
Wellness and Reablement – What does ageing well look like?
Embedding empowerment and social connection within a new healthy ageing program – a new take on wellness and reablement
How can providers embed wellness and reablement within their organisation? Developed by an Occupational Therapist, this straight-forward pilot uses a holistic framework to wellness and social connection.
Carolyn Loton, Director, Juntos Marketing
Environment and Design – So much more than bricks and mortar
Strategic improvements to residential aged care buildings
The Strategic Improvements Program provides a model for transforming the physical environment of existing residential aged care buildings to better support residents with dementia, frailty and sensory decline.
Nick Seemann, Director, Constructive Dialogue Architects
Your Sound Investment – creating an appropriate aural environment for age care homes.
Using the power of age appropriate music in aged care homes reduces anxiety, aggression and sundowning – it’s your sound investment.
Gary Thorpe, General Manager, Silver Memories
I’m a Baby Boomer, Get Me Out of Here
In what ways is an embedded community care (ECC) model socially and economically advantageous to stakeholders and to what extent is such an ECC model more attractive in the marketplace?
Rebecca Cullinan, Business Transformation Consultant 
Smooth Sailing on Your Next Project
As CEO and leaders in Aged care and Retirement, 5 common pit falls to bring innovation and drive efficiency on projects from feasibility through to hand over.
Mel Gholami, Managing Director, Planix Pty Ltd
Finance and Funding- Innovation for business sustainability and growth
Growing Opportunities for older people to secure a home
Profit for purpose, alleviating the housing crisis facing older South Australians because we made the decision to.
Dorothy Nycz, General Manager Environments, ECH Inc.
Metrics for Transformation: Measuring your company’s success.
Hi, I’m one of your potential customers – I called your company and this is what I found… My mum will live longer than your company. With love, Rebecca.
Rebecca Cullinan, Business Transformation Consultant 
Leveraging private capital to accelerate growth in the aged care sector.
Liberate the trapped value in your land and buildings while retaining full operational and identity control and use the proceeds to accelerate your growth and refurbishment plans.
Miles Ashton, Director, Baron Property Group
Consumer Directed Care – The baby boomers are demanding it
Everybody dies. When, where and how is up to you. An aged care discussion
Danielle Robertson, Founder and CEO, DRC Care Solutions 
“When I no longer have capacity I want…” Moving Towards Best Practice in Advance Care Planning
Advance care planning and end of life decision-making – towards greater consumer autonomy and choice. The role and responsibilities of aged care providers in a changing landscape.
Anita Courtney, Senior Associate, Russell Kennedy Lawyers
Laura Kerridge, Lawyer, Russell Kennedy Lawyers
Felicity Iredale, Lawyer, Russell Kennedy Lawyers