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Andrea Coote

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Day Presenting:  Tuesday 30 October
Time: 9:45am-10:30am
Session Plenary Session 4
Presentation Title Transforming Quality Care Panel
Position Title Chair
Company Aged Care Quality Advisory Council

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Andrea Coote was appointed the Inaugural Chair of the Aged Care Quality Advisory Council by former Minister for Aged Care Minister Mitch Fifield in February 2015 Prior to this appointment Andrea was elected to the Victorian Parliament in September 1999 as a Member for Monash Province and in 2006 won the seat of Southern Metropolitan Region in the reformed Victorian Upper House Andrea resigned as a Member of Parliament after 15 years, at the 2014 election. Andrea was the Parliamentary Secretary for Families and Community Services in the Coalition Government from 2010 to 1014 and had the responsibility for :
1. Establishing the Victorian State Disability Plan 2013 – 2016
2. Member of the VDAC ( Victorian Disability Advisory Committee)
3. Instrumental in making the decision to close the final 3 disability institutions, namely Colanda, Sandhurst and Oakleigh.
4. Government Liaison on the NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme)
5. Chairwoman of the Women’s Honour Roll In addition,
Andrea was a member of the Family and Community Development Committee ( FCDC) responsible for the ‘Betrayal of Trust’ report on child sex abuse, which received national and international acclaim. CURRENT BOARD POSITIONS Chair Aged Care Quality Advisory Council Member Aged Care Sector Committee Chair Aged Care Sector Committee, Sub Committee on Quality Director Brockhoff Foundation Director Interplast Australia and New Zealand