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Andy Hoggan

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Day Presenting:  Monday 29 October
Time: 11:30am-12:00pm
Session Concurrent A4 – Workforce
Presentation Title Fresh Thinking: Preparing your Workforce Through Learning and Development
Position Title Psychologist, Executive Coach
Company Mirus Group

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The aged care industry is at a revolutionary stage and it is well cited that the ageing population will continue to grow rapidly and live longer. With the generational changes in consumers, comes changing customer demands and expectations. The workforce required to meet the future needs of the industry will need to be different, not just in terms of volume of staff, but in knowledge and skills.  Aged care roles will need to evolve.

Through the Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce, key roles will be defined in terms of the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. The question for providers is how to attain a workforce in these moulds. Do you bring in the talent from outside? If so, where do you find people with the exact profile, especially when there is a talent shortage and competition to hire the star performers? If you leverage the existing workforce, how can you develop your people in a cost-effective manner with the least impact on the delivery of quality care?

With specific job profiles, learning curriculums and development pathways can set out roadmaps for all staff to first determine if it aligns with their personal interests and aspirations, and secondly provide transparency on development opportunities to acquire the required knowledge to perform key aspects of their jobs to the expected standards.

In our presentation, we will discuss key components of the development pathways:

 1) A structured onboarding program that is key to ensuring that your staff are aligned to your culture and have the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their roles to the best of their abilities in line with the organisation’s expectations. 

 2) Professional training that is regular, frequent and in short, bite-sized pieces that is flexible enough to fit around a staff member’s normal duties and in a just-in-time fashion when the need to learn and practice a skill is current.

3) Long-term embedment of learning through the real-life practical application with feedback and coaching from supervisors, experienced peers or external experts to support self-reflection of success or learning from failure.

By investing in structured learning and development, it sets the tone that your organisation values the professional growth of every staff member and in turn, increases employee engagement, motivation and retention whilst promoting a standardisation of quality service across the workforce and #makingagedcarebetter


As a Psychologist, Andrew worked within the homeless community and prisons in London before shifting into organisational psychology. For the past 13 years, Andrew has facilitated hundreds of workshops working alongside front-line leaders through to Executives to develop leadership skills, culture and talent management. Andrew has worked extensively across the Aged Care sector in his role as General Manager of Mirus Australia, a leading advisory firm providing technology solutions and consulting for the Aged Care industry. Over the course of five years, he was fortunate to work with a diverse range of aged care leaders and teams across Australia to help providers and their people achieve their potential. Andrew currently provides change management and leadership expertise to clients across the government and private sectors. He is a mentor for Aged Care leaders as part of the ACORN leadership program, is a registered Psychologist, and runs an organic truffle farm in his spare time.