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Bruce Mullan

Day Presenting:  Monday 29 October
Time: 11:00am-11:30am
Session Concurrent A2 – Innovation
Presentation Title Balancing Profit with purpose (are you ready to innovate?)
Position Title CEO and Founder
Company The Purpose Driven Group


The biggest challenge facing many Boards, Directors and CEOs is remaining viable in the current climate.

As a leader, you have a responsibility to create an adaptive and responsive organisation to ensure your sustainability.

So, how can you do good but also do well?  

The most effective response to market uncertainty is to innovate and adapt by understanding what your customers really want.

Our first insight is what business you are really in?   Next, we will share ways to understand how your customers flow through their organisation.

Lastly, we’ll provide easy-to-use methods to balance your profit and your purpose.

Participants will take-away actionable ideas on how customer insights, that drive innovation, can help you build the business you want to be in.

After all, without a sensible profit, there is no purpose.


Bruce Mullan is CEO and Founder of The Purpose Driven Group – a boutique strategic business advisory firm dedicated to purpose-driven organisations. The company aims to assist NFPs to grow, save money or do better in a sustainable way to fulfil their purpose. A former PWC management consultant, Bruce has provided consulting services over many years to large corporate and purpose-driven organisations in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and the UK. To date, Bruce and the Purpose Driven team has assisted charities, community care organisations, disability care providers, aged care providers and like-minded organisations balance their purpose with commercial imperatives.