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How many times have you been to a  conference and felt pigeon-holed into a particular service provider type which ultimately made you miss out on wider sector conversations? Too often providers are siloed into Residential Care, Home Care or Retirement Living, and never the twain shall meet. Older people themselves don’t view the services they need that way and providers can’t survive in the sector if you think that way.

At this year’s LASA National Congress we are recognising this phenomenon and are liberating you!

We’re interested in the sector in all its facets and want to help you to share your ideas, issues and experiences in a way that more meaningful.

This year we have organised our Concurrent Sessions around key themes rather than service types or settings. You won’t see Residential Care or Home Care, instead you’ll find themes which cut across such as Workforce, Environment or Innovation.

We’re looking for Abstract submissions which put the theme first. For example if you’ve enhanced access to your residential service by addressing the needs of the LGBTI community, that’s as much about innovation as the traditional tech things you might think of as innovation. If you’ve improved the consistency of your staff entering people’s homes to provide home care, that’s a workforce issue as much as more traditional workforce topics like recruitment and retention.

By taking this approach we are looking holistically at our enterprises and our sector. We want to stimulate good practice across the sector and enable development, opportunities and experiences to be shared amongst our community. So be bold, think differently and submit your Abstracts against the theme it most resonates with.

This is transformation in practice – and it starts with us!

Categories for Submission

Category 1: Research- Informing and transforming the new ageing reality
Category 2: Workforce- creating a future ready workforce
Category 3: Governance- meeting organisation governance expectations 
Category 4: Innovation- responding to an ever- increasing complex set of challenges and opportunities  
Category 5: Quality and Best Practice- making quality the focus of transformation
Category 6: Marketing, Media and Branding- Transforming your image to become an industry leader
Category 7: Wellness and Reablement- what does ageing well look like? 
Category 8: Environment and Design so much more than brick and mortar
Category 9: Finance and Fudning- innovation for business sustainability and growth
Category 10: Consumer directed care- the baby boomers are demanding it