Following an overwhelming response of submissions to the call for abstracts, LASA have introduced a digital poster program that will allow high calibre projects to be showcased as part of this year’s program. Delegates will be able to view the posters on their personal devices and on large digital screens throughout the venue.

The inclusion of digital posters is an integral part of the Congress program and gives presenters a greater opportunity to effectively convey information that may not be possible through a traditional printed poster.

Audience members will be able to contact poster presenters via the LASA Events app, should they wish to discuss your presentation further.


1. The Game
Insights into the market drivers affecting change in all segments of the age services industry.
Alison Craswell, Research Fellow, University of the Sunshine Coast
Repeated Measures Quality of Life Assessment in an Aged Care Facility over 1 Year
Carolyn Loton, Juntos Marketing
Communicating healthy ageing messages to older Australians – what do older people value?
Cherie Hugo, Director, The Lantern Project
Dental Study
Cherie Hugo, Director, The Lantern Project
The Nourish Study- Effectiveness of a food-first approach on resident nutritional status, quality of life and aged care catering costs
Emily Gilfillian, Associate, Billard Leece Partnership
Moving home: health/aged care partnerships for older people with severe behavioural and or mental health needs in FACFS
Karen Keogh, Partner, TressCox Lawyers
Telehealth and Virtual Care: Is the Law keeping up?
Maureen Fields, Chief Care Director, CareLynx
CareLynx delivers industry-leading care to more residents in less time, reduces staff costs and maximises your income!
Sarah Agostinelli, Research Officer, Ansell Strategic Pty Ltd
Maintaining relevance in the consumer era through building customer-facing services using marketing, demographic research and consumer feedback
2. Game Changers
Disruption is emerging as the new ‘normal’ so here the industry share all manner of examples of game changers – from technology, people, process or assets, and more.
Alison McDonald, Site Manager – Aloaka Lodge, Sundale
Intergenerational Care- Game Changer
Andrea Silva, Churches of Christ In Queensland
Move and Groove
Andrew Spillar, Design Manager, Paynter Dixon
Natasha Chadwick
Designing an environment for an innovative model of care
Angela Gifford, Managing Director, Able Community Care
Should Australian Care Providers Be Aware Of The UK Experience?
Craig Wilson,Churches of Christ in Queensland
Tone it up the gold opportunity
Joanna Stewart, Project Coordinator NDIS Barwon Region, Summer Foundation
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS): The game changer for young people in residential aged care
Judy McCrow, Clinical Practice Development Facilitator, Churches of Christ in Queensland
Living life to the Full: Focusing on positive wellbeing across all aspects of care
Kaye Coates, Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Sundale
Boldly Exploring New Frontier in Aged Care- A Nurse Practitioner candidate to Nurse Practitioner Model of Care
Mark Sheldon-Stemm, Director – Principal, Research Analytics
What CDC Looks like in Practice- a Real World experience and how it will change the game
Scott Lawton, CEO, IT Integrity
Digital Engagement – Everyone, Everywhere, Everything, All The Time
Tim Henwood, Group Manager – Connected Living – Community Lifestyle and Wellness
Fit for Aged Care
3. Leading the Pack
Leadership is not simply management but a significant driver to any business success – it needs to be strong and brave in the face of major change. Here we explore innovative discussions about the role that leadership is playing in your organisations.
Emma Churchill, Queensland State Director, Governance Institute of Australia
Leading the Pack in Aged Care Good Governance
Lyn Carlson and Liz Drew, Churches of Christ Care in Queensland
Changing how we support people living with dementia- the Virtual Dementia Tour
Michael Jones, Deputy Chair, Curtain Care
The Role of an Executive Board in Driving Change
Sally Kirkright, Chief Executive Officer, AccessEAP
Wellbeing and Building Resilience in Aged Care
Terry O’Toole, Chief Executive Officer, Dip Bus Management
Community Transport
Vanessa James-McPhee, Senior Associate, TressCox Lawyers
Be a Winner and Play within the Employment and Workplace rules
4. Funding the Game
Changes in revenue models, service models and growth are all key to delivering a strong, viable, growing industry. Explored here are thought leadership on new financial products, new approaches to financing, and deals that provide insights from which others can learn.
Cherie Hugo, Director, The Lantern Project Australia
A review of aged care food budgets nationally and internationally- false economy and missed opportunities
Donald Swanborough, Senior Care Advisor, Affinity Aged Care Financial Services
Fill the rooms
Donald Swanborough, Senior Care Advisor, Affinity Aged Care Financial Services
No-vacancy: achieve maximum occupancy
5. The Game Plan
The journey of delivering high performing and sustainable services, in all segments, is dependent on a balance of efficiency and effectiveness. Here we explore new initiatives and examples of how organisations are driving efficiency in every aspect of the business.
Bernadette Dutton, Principal Speech Pathologist, Loqui Speech Pathology
I want to eat that- Dignity of risk in dysphagia management. 4 key essential factors to include in complex dysphagia risk management plans
Bernadette Lee, Residential Manager, Bolton Clarke and Michelle Baldwin, Clinical Manager, Bolton Clarke Centaur Memorial
Centaur Memorial Volunteering Program
John Picot, Principal, Grant Thornton
Karen Ansen, Client Service Director, PerformHR
Your game plan is resilient workforce
Michael Roberts, Public Sector Advisory, Grant Thornton
Workforce – biggest cost – biggest opportunity
Michele Smith, Manager Community Care, Brisbane North PHN
Can Collaboration be effective and efficient in regional assessment services?
6. Changing the Rules of the Game
LASA has a strong and influential voice in helping guide and inform government policy and regulation. We want to explore in depth some the issues and opportunities of current regulatory systems and future planned aged care reforms.
Chris Jenkins, Partner, Grant Thornton
GST on Care Services
Jenny Mee, PhD Candidate/ Lecturer in Nursing, Federation University Australia
Bold Insights into Quality Home Care in Australia: Listing to the Cheering and Coaching from the sidelines
John Morwood, Associate and Principal Town Planner, Bennett and Bennett
Changing the Rules…Housing Affordability for Seniors
Kim Solomon, Care Coordinator and Staff Development, Beauraba Living
Living Life- Bringing Wellness to every day
Rasa Ruseckaite, Senior Research Fellow, Monash University
A National Advance Care Planning Prevalence Study
Susan Wray, Nurse Unit Manager, Kilmore Hospital and District Services
Dementia into 2020 and beyond
7. Playing Away Games
Australia is well recognised as a leader of world class age services. LASA Congress 2017 will look at global innovations and opportunities in imaging, planning and delivering age services. We are keen to examine differing models of care and examples of business success internationally.
Deidre McGill, General Manager At Home Support, Bolton Clarke (the new face of RSL Care RDNS)
Frankston Extension – RDNS Homeless Persons Program
Paul Brophy, Manager, Brotherhood of St Lawrence
Care Recipients, no matter their age, health status or cultural background, appreciate music
8. The End Game
Consolidation is an emergent theme and there are case examples of providers successfully deploying exit strategies. Organisations seeking to consider the reasons why an organisation is exiting or considering mergers will stimulate further strategic thinking as the entire provider network moves in alignment to what is sustainable and what is viable. We are after your insights into future business planning, experiences of exiting and lessons learn from mergers and acquisitions.
Michele Smith, Manager, Community Care, Brisbane North PHN
Stead, Invested, Strong: the benefits of a consortia model