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Michelle Dowsett

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Day Presenting:  Tuesday 30 October
Time: 12:00pm-12:30pm
Session Concurrent C1- Finance and Funding
Presentation Title Retirement living – An alternative to the lump sum ‘ingoing’ contract- try before you buy!
Position Title CEO
Company Sale Elderly Village Inc

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relevance to Congress theme and development of outcomes addressed within the abstract
• relevance of content and attraction to the audience
• unique or innovative thinking.

– In October 2015 the SECV Board of Management (NFP community based incorp) introduced an alternative to the traditional lump sum ingoing option for it’s 88 independent living unit contracts.
– This was undertaken to address community needs and increased vacancies in units
– 2.5 yrs later 30% of units are rented (aged persons on a pension or self-funded retirees)
– Pros: Meet community need; more affordable option for consumer; more flexible option/terms/committment for consumer; improved cash flow for organisation; ability to attract concessional and non-concessional residents into the adjoining aged care facility.
– Cons: Small amount of us/them between contracts & rentals (residents)
– I believe we are one of only a handful of aged care accommodation service providers who offer rental of independent living units


Michelle is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sale Elderly Citizens Village Inc.

Her governance experience, strategy application and financial management skills are exemplified in being a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA), having a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and through being a Certified Member of the Governance Institute of Australia (GIA Cert).

Michelle has lectured in the Master of Health Sciences (Aged Care) program at Victoria University and is studying a Diploma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledges.

Michelle has developed her project management skills within the property development, valuation and consulting field. Her Graduate membership of the AICD (GAICD) is well utilised in her governance roles: as Board Director of Federation Training (TAFE); Board Director at East Gippsland Water; Independent Member of the Audit & Risk Committee of the Gunai Kurnai Traditional Land Owners Management Board; and a Member of the Leading Aged Services Victorian Advisory Committee.