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Norbert Walther

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Day Presenting:  Monday 29 October
Time: 11:30am-12:00pm
Session Concurrent A6 – C-Suite Session Only
Presentation Title C-Suite Panel Session
Position Title Group CEO
Company Enrich Health Group

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Norbert Walther has carved out a career almost exclusively in the health and care sector, having developed a passion for aged care as a personal carer more than 30 years ago, in his native Germany.

Norbert’s career in health has seen him work in a variety of senior and executive leadership roles internationally, including senior finance and CFO roles in Germany, the USA, Australia and Japan. He worked for many years with multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Lilly and Inova.

More recently, Norbert returned to the seniors’ lifestyle and care sector, as CFO of the community-based not-for-profit, IRT Group in Australia, where he played a leading role in improving service provision and growth.

Norbert is now CEO of one of Australia’s largest home care providers, Enrich Living Services (previously St Ives Home Care) and joint venture Enrich Health Group.

He is committed to building a progressive service model that is client-centric and outcome-focussed for care recipients and their families. This is a new focus for the business and is a non-traditional approach in the home and aged care sector in Australia.

Norbert’s work with Enrich Health Group is also centred around delivering value for consumers through integrating multi-disciplinary services, to provide seamless, community-based health and care experiences, with a strong focus on enablement and independence.

Norbert holds a Bachelor (Hons) of Business Administration (Double Degree – Germany/Spain) and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD).