2017 National Congress Speaker Presentations


Day 1 – Sunday, 15 October 2017

No Presentations Available at this stage

Day 2 – Monday, 16 October 2017


8.45am                     International Speaker –  Danish/Nordic Model for Aged Care,  Professor Tine Rostgaard

Concurrent A1: Legal and Regulatory- Changing Rules

11.30am                     Changing the way the Quality Agency captures and shares the consumer experience of care and services, Nick Ryan, AACQA

Concurrent A2:     Innovation – Nutrition and Dining Focus

12.00pm                    Improving Health & Length of Stay – A Focus on nutrition with measurable outcomes, Liz Purcell, OSCAR Hospitality

Concurrent A3:     Core to Game Plan – People are Key

11.30am                    It’s your move; accountability & empowerment in aged care, Campbell McGlynn, IRT Group

12.00pm                    Workforce or Workfarce –  Competitive advantage through human capital management. Helen Kemp, Newly

Concurrent A4:     Buildings are Assets Too

12.00pm                    Architects On Tap or On Top? 10 Rules To Build the Facility You Want (and Keep Yourself Nice) David Ettershank, Outcomes Plus, and Luke Naughton, Johnstaff Projects

Concurrent A5     Leading the Pack – Focus on Dementia

11.00am                    Memory café role in providing innovative outcomes Caroline Grogan, Centacare Enoggera Community Services

Concurrent B1: Gearing for More Complex Care

1.30pm                     Technology – Helping or Hindering. How data will enable more complex care management David Bacon, Telstra Health

2.00pm                     Changing Times: New Methods for Aged Health Service Delivery Tracy Aylen, Bolton Clarke (the new face of RSLCare+RDNS)

2.30pm                     Evaluating a New Residential Model of Care Dr Catherine Joyce and Paula Trood, Benetas

Concurrent B2: Winning the Game

1.30pm                     Athlete – professional or amateur – what do the top financial performers do differently? Stuart Hutcheon, StewartBrown

2.00pm                     International Rules Played the Australian Way Bruce Bailey, Pride Living Pty Limited

2.30pm                     From Test Cricket to T20 – Playing to win in the new aged care game Richard Ainley and Stephen Teulan, Nous Group

Concurrent B3: People and Workforce

2.30pm                     Innovative and cost effective pre-employment risk assessment, Dr Robert McCartney, Resile

Concurrent B4: Small or Agile is the New Black

No Presentations Available at this stage

Concurrent B5: Structural Game Plan

2.00pm                     Mergers & Acquisitions – Managing Risk and Deal Protection Klay Brown, Clayton Utz

Day 3 – Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Concurrent C1: Finance Solutions- Funding Growth and Options

 11.30am                    Private Equity – why it matters to the not for profit sector Graham McManus, Grant Thornton

12.00pm                    Accessing equity in RADs and independent living for residents / post CDC world combined, Arthur Koumoukelis, Dentons Australia

Concurrent C2: Innovation in Models

12.00pm                    Bring the Voice of our Customer to Life – Listening to the Moments that Matter the Most Claire Ward, SummitCare

Concurrent C3: Bringing a New Focus

11.00am                   The role of research in aged and health care services Judy Lowthian, Bolton Clarke (the new face of RSL Care + RDNS)

11.30am                   Primary Health Networks: Changing the game in residential aged care Michele Smith, Brisbane North PHN

12.00pm                   Time for a new response to cultural and linguistic diversity Ljubica Petrov, Centre for Cultural Diversity and Ageing  & Dr Catherine Joyce, Benetas

Concurrent C4: A Lens on People and Capability

11.00am                   Creating Flexible work arrangements in an inflexible industrial relations framework Kristin Ramsey, Hynes Legal

11.30am                   Barrier or bargaining chip? Navigating and using workforce regulation to your advantage Jessica Fisher, FCB Group and Josh Keech, The Whiddon Group

12.00pm                   How to Create a Capability Framework that Builds People and Organisational Performance Amanda Loh and James Slade Symons, Calvary Care

Concurrent C5: Focus on Young Leaders

No Presentations Available at this stage

Day 4- Wednesday 18 October 2017

Masterclass: How to position your brand ahead of competition, Damien Edmonds, Edmonds Marketing