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Rachel Lane

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Day Presenting:  Monday 29 October
Time: 11:30am-12:00pm
Session Concurrent A3- Consumer Directed Care
Presentation Title CDC the Baby Boomers are demanding it
Position Title Principal
Company Aged Care Gurus

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As an industry we are already seeing the expectations of the baby boomers in accessing care for their parents. Catering to this market who demand choice, flexibility and transparency will challenge many providers and their current service models.

In this engaging presentation both Linda Murray and Rachel Lane will speak about their experiences and insights across the Retirement Village, Home Care and Residential Aged Care Market.

They will examine the key drivers for consumers decisions and will present case studies highlighting the challenges faced by many together with strategies for success.

It’s time to change the way you engage with potential consumers and to ensure you understand the key financial considerations influencing those decisions.

Home Care

• Utopia versus the reality
• People receiving a home care package are less than 0% of your market. Let’s talk about the other 90%.

Retirement Villages
• Baby boomers want more and can get whatever they want at a price. Will they get it from you?
• Retirement Villages and the changing payment arrangements. Meeting the consumers demand for choice.
• Why Retirement Villages are becoming the care solution of choice

Aged Care
• Additional Services are now necessary as an income source for providers. It can be one of your best income producing activities and one of your biggest burdens. Which one is it for you?
• Sharpening up your workforce. Sales fatigue is real. Let’s discuss your options.

Case Studies
• Examining the fees and funding of home care versus residential aged care
• Compare the market:
o Staying at home
o Home care
o Residential aged care
o Retirement Village


Rachel is the Principal of Aged Care Gurus, overseeing a national network of advisers dedicated to providing quality advice. Rachel has been working in financial services for 18 years, specialising in retirement and aged care for more than a decade. Rachel writes a regular column for both Fairfax and Seven West Media and has co-authored a number of books. Rachel holds a masters in Financial Planning