Cam Ansell

He has worked in the aged care and retirement living industries for over 25 years and is an internationally recognised thought leader in the sector. Cam has taken lead roles in some of the country’s largest mergers and acquisitions and has overseen the delivery of the largest financial benchmarking studies covering most Australian and New Zealand aged care providers.

Cam will present “Getting to the finish line..”  Achieving Success in Competitive Acquisitions.

The mergers and acquisitions market is on the move again. In 2017, more providers are making the decision to divest parts or all of their aged care businesses and this is welcome news to the many organisations looking to expand through acquisition. Many have had to wait patiently in an environment of fierce competition and heavy pricing. The key to acquisition success is understanding the vendor – what are they trying to achieve through the sale of their business? How can prospective purchasers address their priorities without having to overcompensate through price? Ansell Strategic has facilitated the sale of over $500 million in aged care asset sales, working within the Not-for-profit, For-profit and government sectors. This experience reveals a massive difference in the way organisations promote their appetite for investment and sell their value proposition when they are invited to buy. This session would focus on helping those organisations that are serious about growing through acquisition and well as those looking to divest. Case studies will be used to demonstrate successful strategies that have helped smart providers to secure the assets they have been chancing without breaking the bank.

Monday Concurrent Session B5: Structural Game Plan,  2.30pm-3.00pm