Campbell McGlynn

As IRT’s Group Head — People & Culture, Campbell McGlynn is the driving force behind the organisation’s culture journey. He is passionate about positioning the business and its people to perform in a highly competitive Consumer Directed Care.

Campbell will present It’s your move; accountability & empowerment in aged care.

IRT Group believes that to thrive in a market-driven environment, it must empower its employees to be more innovative and customer centric. Over the past 18 months IRT has embarked on a journey to transform its culture, and prepare its 2300-strong national workforce for a future in which ‘doing more of the same’ is not an option. IRT began its journey by benchmarking its current culture, identifying its target culture, and implementing a Culture Plan to move to its target culture by 2020. Systems, policies and practices were re-engineered to give employees greater autonomy to make decisions, while increasing their accountability for their performance. This decision-making is guided by the ‘voice of the customer’ to ensure IRT’s products and services better meet their wants and needs. An excellent customer service experience is now standard at IRT. In ‘It’s your move’ IRT will share how it’s successfully empowered its people through its culture journey.

Monday Concurrent Session A3: Core the Game Plan – People are Key, 11.30am-12.00pm