Cherie Hugo

Cherie is director of consulting to aged care, hospital and community. In 2013, she founded, a national collaboration of industry stakeholders to bring back the joy of good food in aged care and is completing her PhD to quantify the economic value of good food in aged care.

Cherie will present Lantern Projects Explore app – Casestudy insights to aged care dining experience.

The Lantern Project’s Explore App – A tool for gathering food stories in Aged Care. The aged care dining experience has the potential to make or break a resident’s day. Statistics suggest the latter occurs regularly, with rates of malnutrition amongst aged care residents significantly higher (>50%) than those seen in the community (10-30%) and acute hospital settings (30%). Poor satisfaction with the food service is a significant moderator of food intake. As food is often used as a barometer of quality of care by residents and family in RACFs and staff time is limited, an accurate, time-efficient tool to measure satisfaction and mealtime values is important.’s EXPLORE app powered by intelligence-based software has been developed and tested through the Explore Study to gain unique insights around the aged care dining experience for the purpose of enacting positive change. This presentation will share study results and demonstrate how RACFs can use it to gain powerful insights in real-time and enable timely targeted and measurable change.

Monday Concurrent A2: Innovation – Food and Dining Focus, 11.00am-11.30am