Dagmar Parsons

Ms Dagmar Parsons is the Chief Executive Officer of National Seniors Australia. She commenced this position in June 2016. In a career spanning 20+ years, Ms Parsons has gained considerable experience in transforming and growing complex businesses across diverse corporate, operational and entrepreneurial roles in Australia, Asia and Europe. She has worked with major national and multinational entities to drive critical market success by providing strategic direction, visionary leadership and innovative thinking. Ms Parsons started out as a project engineer in the German petrochemical industry prior to coming to Australia in 1991 on an eight months assignment. She immigrated permanently to Australia in 1992 but spent the following three years mostly overseas commissioning oil and gas plants in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Italy. Since then, she held senior executive positions with companies across a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing and engineering in the resources, power, paper and steel sectors. In addition to her executive career, Ms Parsons holds a portfolio of Non-Executive Director / Board roles in a range of organisations including both, ASX listed and Not-For-Profit. She is currently a Director of the Camerata of St John’s – Queensland’s Chamber Orchestra. Ms Parsons holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering with Rhineland Westfalia Technical University, Aachen in Germany, a Master of Business Administration with Deakin University and is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dagmar will participate in the panel session facilitated by Sean Rooney discussing the Aged Care Sector Roadmap and the Living Longer Living Better Review.

Tuesday Plenary Session 4, 9.25am-10.25am