David Bacon

David is a big picture thinker, gathers insights and solves problems. He does this by designing campaigns, products and services that improve lives. His career has, for the most part, been around health and the complex relationship people have with it. He works to help remove friction and nudge people towards making better health choices and delighting them in unexpected ways.

David will present with Lauren Harding, Technology – helping or hindering?

Technology doesn’t have all the answers. Using siloed applications to solve small pieces of a problem only further fragments our aged care system. The game changer is when you combine client engagement, clinical data, care data and personal health data for a 360° view of a client’s health and wellbeing. We need to move from individual services and systems to the broader ecosystem. Using global and local examples, we will show how health platforms create tools more valuable than the sum of their parts, including some platform examples available to us today, drawing upon risk mitigation strategies when implementing a health platform and the stakeholders you will need along your transformation journey.

We will walk attendees through:

  • How to quickly and cheaply assess health technology;
  • The options for risk mitigation;
  • How to avoid analysis paralysis;
  • Health platform case study from Switzerland.

Monday Concurrent B1: Gearing for More Complex Care, 1.30pm-2.00pm