David Ettershank

David Ettershank is the Director of Outcomes Plus. David has worked as a consultant in the NFP sector for over 20 years. This has included assisting many clients to develop new ACFs and (unfortunately) figuring out how to rectify the buildings that “just don’t work right”.

David will present with Luke Naughton and Kristin Lynch, Architects On Tap or On Top? 10 Rules To Build the Facility You Want (and Keep Yourself Nice).

A well designed and executed aged care facility can provide you with a competitive edge: better care outcomes, greater resident, family and staff satisfaction and more efficient staffing levels.

Your organisation has spent a significant amount of time developing a model of care and services that will make your aged care facility a great place to live and to work. Now it’s time to convert your vision into reality and build that new home. Boldness, strength and bravery are all essential qualities:  but equally you need a plan and a strategic approach to the project. Designed for Providers with no in-house building professionals or limited overall development experience, this session will provide 10 rules for managers on how to ensure that your vision and operational priorities survive the design and construction process.

Monday Concurrent A4: Buildings are Assets Too, 12.00pm-12.30pm