Graham McManus

Graham McManus has worked on a diverse array of projects including business turnarounds, joint ventures, IPO’s and new product and market development projects. His expertise covers many areas including mergers/acquisitions/disposals, strategic and operational reviews, supporting the execution of major organisational change and development projects.

Graham will present Private Equity – why it matters to the not for profit sector.

Be Bold – Private Equity will fund competition, then get out. Private equity firms are circling the industry seeking a capital play that will generate wealth for their investors.. they will focus on capital efficiency in the first place by leveraging investments and funding deals… once in play operational efficiency will generate the returns that investors have come to know and expect from these firms.. whys does this matter, because to optimise their investments and realise the gains they will seek those demographic areas that provide the greatest returns… increasingly this will be adjacent to current services where they believe the demand lies.

Tuesday Concurrent Session C1: Finance Solutions – Funding Growth and Options, 11.30am-12.00pm