Josh Keech

Josh Keech is the Executive General Manager of People and Culture at The Whiddon Group (The 2016 Australian Business Awards Employer of Choice), who can offer a large aged care provider’s insight into the advantages and barriers which often arise.

Josh will present with Jessica Fisher, Barrier or bargaining chip? Navigating and using workforce regulation to your advantage

Enterprise bargaining in the aged care industry is being increasingly utilised as a tool to minimise costs, improve client services and strengthen the workforce. This workshop will draw on comparative recent historical data quantitative and qualitative data collected from key aged care providers spanning 45,000 residential beds and 70,000 employees, complemented by our twenty years of experience in the industry.

During this session, we will:

  • examine key trends and game changers in enterprise bargaining;
  • consider regulatory challenges including award limitations, the FWC approval process and discrimination; and
  • explore practical strategies for overcoming these barriers such as skill retention, workplace flexibility and demand-driven rostering.

Delegates will walk away with not only a greater understanding of the legal framework surrounding bargaining, but able prepared to maximise opportunities which were traditionally barriers to effective workplace practices.

Tuesday Concurrent C4: A Lens on People and Capability, 11.30am-12.00pm