Kate Newton

Kate Newton is a registered nurse & midwife trained in the UK with a multitude of post graduate experience. Currently studying an Advanced Diploma in Logotherapy & with a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management, Kate is currently leading the design & delivery of STRC for BallyCara.

Kate will present with Paul Johnson, Playing to Win Together – Increasing the Odds!

The “whole is greater than the sum of the parts” flies in the face of traditional single service provider program design. In an increasingly competitive game field of government subsidised services, BallyCara embraces the belief that by bringing individual organisations with their networks, links and relationships together as a `super provider` achieves client outcomes that would be harder to deliver in isolation. Our STRC consortium coaching model provides operational clinical expertise, care delivery and assistive technology across 3 service delivery partners enabled by a shared technology platform. In this session we will outline our collaborative approach to utilising lead coaches, experiential learnings and meaning-centred goal setting for client outcomes. By engaging with our partners we are delivering more integrated healthcare with our “achievers” (clients) benefiting from a more cohesive network with an increased variety of service offerings. It’s quarter time and let’s review the game plan with our coaches.

Tuesday Concurrent Session C2: Innovation in Models, 11.00am-11.30am