Rhod Ellis-Jones

Rhod has advised aged care leaders since 2008. Rhod’s expertise drives the development of brand identities, corporate reputation programs and integrated marketing strategies systems. He inspires innovative approaches to consumer insight projects and finds unique ways to link research methods and outcomes to public policy, community engagement and governance objectives.

Rhod will be presenting Strategic Communications for Merger, Acquisition and IPO Success.

Mergers, acquisitions and IPO’s are increasingly common in the aged care sector, Acknowledging the natural exuberance of business owners, boards, investors and executive teams, we must consider with level head the range of emotions that this activity elicits in all stakeholders near to the business and further afar. We must consider the best communication strategy for responding to all stakeholders, remembering that when corporate activity accelerates, emotion drives markets.

Rhod Ellis-Jones, principal consultant for Australian agency Ellis Jones will build a picture of ‘the end game’ for major structural and ownership changes, and step the audience through the four key elements of strategic communications to get there:

1. Understand and bolster perceived  value
2. Bring employees with you
3. Deliver on the promises
4. Never fail on purpose

Monday Concurrent B5: Structural Game Plan 13:30-14:00