Samantha Bowen

Samantha is the Founder and Managing Director of the Acorn Network. She is an active presenter on generational engagement, host of national events, and strong supporter of mentoring as a capacity building tool.

Samantha has grown the Acorn Network from a small LinkedIn group in 2013 to guest blogging for the various industry publications. She speaks at conferences on intergenerational workplace challenges, and building capacity of young workers. Samantha is a recipient of the Layne Beachley Aim For the Starts Scholarship, a non-executive board member of a women’s health clinic, a former Naval Sailor, has a postgraduate Masters in Occupational Therapy, and is currently completing her next Masters in Ageing through the University of Melbourne.

She is currently launching the Acorn Mentoring Program, and continuing to organise events across Australia that support intergenerational connection and build leadership capacity.

Samantha will present Focusing on Developing the leaders for Today and Tomorrow – Insight for every Organisation.

The average aged care worker is 50 years old, and soon under 35s will make up over 40% of the Australian working population.
Many young people who work in the sector love it but feel isolated in a world that questions their choice of work, and one that they can share with few people of their own age. Clearly caring workplaces face significant recruitment and retention challenges with their young workers.

The Acorn Network creates a supportive environment helping young professionals reach their potential AND working with organisations to fully understand how they can engage with young workers. Helping everyone to count the leaders amongst us and build the capacity of our industry’s future.

Tuesday Concurrent Session C5: Partnered Session Focus on Young Leaders, 11.00am – 11.30am