Lara Calder

Managing Director and design director of a practice that challenges the conventions of aged care and seniors living design, Lara participates in research surrounding aged care seniors housing design and has presented at conferences throughout Australia. She’s published articles for the Australian Aged Care Agenda and is a member of the UDIA Seniors Development Committee.

Lara will be presenting As if Architecture Matters… for Aged Care

A nursing home is like no place we’ve ever lived: a place of potentially stifling, unchanging indoor constancy. A place one never leaves, but spends 24 hours, 365 identical days a year. Wellness associated with mental and physical health is essentially linked to environment and sensory stimulation; the opportunities to access natural light, air, textural variance, sounds and scents of the outdoor world. Architecture matters. Architects are strategically positioned to take a game-changing role in raising the profile of aged care facilities globally; as designers we work proactively to secure the wellbeing of this particularly vulnerable client group through design excellence. An aged care facility is not about the commonly expected ‘hotel’ or ‘resort’ model – it’s about creating a sense of belonging where the unfamiliarity is engaging, warm, varied and focused on positive human experience.

Monday Concurrent A4: building are Assets Too 11:30-12:00