Michael Hines 

Michael Hines is a Psychologist and expert in the science of optimal functioning (known in psychology circles as Positive Psychology) and Mindfulness. Having worked previously for 8 years in the aged care sector he is passionate about bridging academic research with practical application at the facility level.

Michael will be presenting Thriving Staff, Exceptional Care

In a care-focused industry it is not simply a matter of getting employees to do their work, but rather how to get them to do their best work. Thanks to decades of research in Psychology and Neuroscience, we now know much about the conditions and processes that enable people, groups and organisations to thrive. The practical applications can significantly improve the performance and well-being of staff, well-being of residents and business outcomes. Constructs such as Resilience, Mindfulness, and Strengths are some that are becoming commonplace in many corporate/industry sectors, however they are as yet to be harnessed by most aged care providers. It’s time. Learn about how cutting edge academic research is being bridged with practical application at the facility level in order to strengthen the level of care provided, to promote the long-term well-being of care personnel, and to fine tune organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

Monday Concurrent B3: People and Workforce 14:00-14:30