Michele Smith

Michele is the Manager of the North Brisbane PHN community care services which includes a CHSP and RAS Consortia. Michele has a Master’s in Public Administration, is a Registered Nurse and engages with a wide range of stakeholders across the Community Care sector in North Brisbane.

Michele Smith will be presenting Primary Health Networks: Changing the game in residential aged care

Preventable emergency presentations by residents of aged care facilities can result in unfavourable health outcomes and significant health care costs. The Innovative Models to Support RACFs project was implemented by Brisbane North PHN in July 2016. It offers a multi-prong approach to improving emergency presentation rates through the provision of geriatric outreach, standardised care pathways and handover tools.

This presentation looks at how developing strong partnerships with Primary Health Networks can be a game changer for both residential aged care and the acute sector when it comes to preventable emergency presentations. It will explore the impact the project had on hospitalisation data from date of implementation to October 2017. More importantly, it will examine how involvement by the PHN encouraged collaboration between sectors, and how this improved project effectiveness. It will conclude that PHNs provide the vital link and “support play” between acute, primary and residential care.

Tuesday Concurrent C3: Bringing a New Focus 11:00-11:30