Paula Trood

Paula is General Manager Residential Services and Quality & Compliance at Benetas.  She has responsibility for all aspects of Benetas’ residential aged care division and the organisation’s strategic quality management framework.  Paula has a background in General Nursing with extensive clinical and management experience in community and residential aged care.

Paula will be presenting on Evaluating a new residential model of care

A ‘model of care’ is a complex set of conceptual and/or pragmatic elements, which provides a framework for providing a particular type of health or care service. New models of care commonly emerge from practice, in response to identified service gaps and a desire for quality improvement. Their complex nature and emergent development can make them difficult to define, and hence to evaluate. This presentation describes the evaluation framework that has been developed for Benetas’ new residential model of care. The model is based on three principles: A home first (home-like living environment); People Who Care (holistic approach, continuity of staff); and Complete Integration (of service, system and process elements). The presentation describes the program logic model which articulates the model of care’s key elements and expected outcomes. It also describes the evaluation approach, including evaluation of how the model is being implemented in practice, and the outcomes being achieved.

Monday concurrent B1: Gearing for more complex care 14:30-15:00