Rhod Ellis-Jones

Rhod has advised aged care leaders since 2008. Rhod’s expertise drives the development of brand identities, corporate reputation programs and integrated marketing strategies systems. He inspires innovative approaches to consumer insight projects and finds unique ways to link research methods and outcomes to public policy, community engagement and governance objectives.

Rhod will be presenting Harness creative thinking in aged care

Innovation, is the topic on everyone lips. But in order to innovate, an organisation first needs a new idea, product or service to test. To get to this idea creative thinking is needed. Creativity can be a scary concept, and ‘thinking outside the square’ is often easier said than done.  However, creativity is a process of problem solving. The best creative people have systems, frameworks and approaches that they use to source inspiration, and put ideas on the table to then arrange, test and prioritise them. They provide the opportunity for the other creative people in the room to co-design an outcome that can change the game. This interactive workshop will demonstrate how to build personal and group creativity to foster innovation and growth in your organisation. We will use a number of facilitation approaches, such as posing the anti-solution and frameworks such as design thinking methods.

Monday Concurrent B5: Structural Game Plan 13:30-14:00