Sharyn Mcllwain

Sharyn McIlwain commenced her career in aged care over twenty 20 years ago and more recently held the position of Operations Manager for a small private operator. In her 10 years in this role, Sharyn was responsible for the day to day operations of 140 Residential Aged Care Beds across two sites, one metropolitan and one rural. As is the case for a lot of small private operators Sharyn had to be across everything from Human resources and budgeting to ACFI funding and the Aged Care Act to being a an amateur counsellor for not only residents and their families but also to staff. And all this while trying to maintain full compliance with the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. The experience in this position this has given Sharyn great insight and understanding of balancing all the day to day aspects of managing a facility at the coal face. Sharyn is self-driven and demonstrates a passion to ensure the best quality of life and dignity remains high on her focus for all seniors in all areas of care.

Sharyn will be a part of the panel presenting at the LASA Member Breakfast