Sophie Weldon

Sophie is founder of Humankind Enterprises, a social enterprise with a mission to connect people, one story at a time.  She believes stories create empathy, acceptance and resilience in Australian communities. Sophie was awarded ANZ Innovator of the Year alongside Anna Donaldson from Lively, for their innovative, intergenerational program – ‘Tech, Tea and Tales’.

Sophie will be co-presenting with Bill Appleby on Tech, Tea and Tales: fostering resident wellbeing and intergenerational connection through an innovative social enterprise model

The joint initiative of two social enterprises, Lively and Humankind Enterprises, ‘Tech, Tea and Tales’ is an innovative intergenerational program that employs young jobseekers to spend one-on-one time with individuals in residential care, recording their life stories and experiences, and helping them learn how to use new technologies to connect with friends and family and pursue their interests. Jewish Care is the first Australian aged care provider to have adopted the program, which was delivered for the first time at Jewish Care’s Montefiorre residence early in 2017. The program evaluation identified a range of significant benefits for participating residents, increased interest in the aged care profession among young employees, and striking staff reports of the program’s impact in the facility. The program is presented as an innovative model with strong potential to be replicated to enhance resident wellbeing and satisfaction, and to attract young employees into the aged care industry.

Tuesday: Concurrent C2- Innovation in Models 11:30-12:00