Stephen Teulan

Steve Teulan, Principal Consultant, joined Nous Group following sixteen years in senior roles in the aged care sector, including 5 years at the helm of one of Australia’s largest aged care providers. Stephen has engaged in policy development, service design and the evolution of non-institutional models of care and support.

Stephen will be  co- presenting with Richard Ainley on From Test Cricket to T20 – playing to win in the new aged care game

What will the successful residential aged care provider of the future look like? Traditional approaches are ripe for reinvention. With reference to cricket’s recent transformation, Nous will explore the features of emerging and future care models, including;

 *The new rules. In the context of consumer control and funding constraint, providers must understand the outlook for further deregulation of aged care supply and the integration of health and social care. *The tactics. Providers must choose whether they will invest solely in traditional residential aged care models or allocate investment to hybrid care models and/or new prototypes for models of care.

 *The team. New operating models will require a very different ‘first eleven’ to be selected. Providers must understand and align the organisational capabilities necessary to deliver success.

Drawing on practical examples and deep sector experience, Nous will highlight the choices, strategies and ‘keys to winning’ the new game.

Monday: Concurrent B2: Winning the Game 14:30-15:00