Tibor Paller

Tibor is a professional chef trained in Europe, with over 20 years experience in health and aged care food. He provides consultancy on catering operations and delivers texture-modified food training. As the author of ‘Tibor’s Kitchen’ facebook blog he has engaged over 42,000 others in conversation and sharing food innovations.

Tibor will be presenting You are what your serve up!

The Henley on Broadwater, a vertical retirement community and aged care provider, recently reviewed their catering operations. The process began with a survey of all residents, which informed menu design, dining options, service processes and workforce. It is no longer one size fits all – menus are emailed to each resident; people on a care package choose between meals in the dining room, phone order for self pick-up, or delivery if required; a daily specials board is in the foyer for lunch; and they serve an evening buffet. The Bistro is now too small and everyone’s talking food. As the baby boomers move from being carers to being the care recipients, they will bring their collective opinion to the discussion on what constitutes a good service worthy of mention. If we think our consumers have a lot to say about food now . . . we ain’t heard nothin’ yet!