Tine Rostgaard

Professor Tine Rostgaard is a social policy studies professor who specialises in the field of policy analysis and evaluation of welfare and social care of children and older people.  Tine has conducted extensive research around social formal/informal care giving and care work, care related quality of life (ASCOT), quality of care and quality systems, welfare indicators.  She has also comprehensively examined qualitative and quantitative methods, including vignettes and RTC, observations and interviews. Tine offers a high degree of research knowledge and has been a member of many highly regarded panels. In her established career she has published over 20 publications and is on the editorial board of several journals. Tine’s latest projects has seen her look at the “social inequalities in Ageing (SIA) and defining the reforms of the Nordic welfare model.

Tine will be presenting at 8.45 am Monday