Trevor Pogroske

Trevor has had over 25 years’ experience in international trade and trade finance, corporate restructuring and insolvency. Trevor’s extensive experience includes having managed numerous businesses and assignments in Australia as well as several other countries, including South Africa. Trevor has had various assignments as Administrator and liquidator of various retirement villages and aged care operators, including pre-lending reviews for major banks and has been instrumental in negotiating sales and mergers of aged care and retirement operators.

Trevor will be presenting Will Australian aged care providers invest, acquire or consolidate for growth?

In the next decade the context of aged care will change profoundly – driven by digital technology, social media, data analytics, regulatory amendments, and a maturing health care consumerism. As these forces become part of the core business of aged healthcare – new ways of thinking and transformative business models will become paramount. The scene is now set for strong levels of M&A in the sector, with strong growth and consolidation opportunities available to stay ahead of the game.

This presentation will provide a view on the likely shape of acquisition and consolidation for Australian Aged care operators; including Opco Propco deals, ongoing appetite from private equity and superfunds and a growing interest from local aged care operators in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tuesday – Concurrent C1: Finance Solutions- Funding growth and Options #2 – 11am – 11.30am