National Congress is the largest age services event in Australia. It is the place where leading edge thinkers, industry experts and providers meet to challenge their assumptions and open their horizons to new ideas and approaches. National Congress is the place to meet and challenge the way we conduct and improve business as well as make new connections and reconnect with industry colleagues, meet with suppliers, industry advisors and key policy and decision-makers. National Congress primarily attracts high-level industry executives including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Board Directors, Business Development and Sales Managers, Directors of Nursing, policy makers, academics and thought-leaders from across the broader age services industry. 


Congress Theme: 

It’s Up To Us. Each one of us must own our part in the transformation of the age services industry, and put into effect the change we want to see. It’s up to us to enable consumers, deliver quality care, provide transparency, build trust, improve governance, attract qualified workers, lift standards, innovate, and secure our livelihoods. We are not just service providers, regulators, government officials, managers, staff members, product suppliers or developers – we are visionaries, innovators, reformers, pioneers and change-makers. The time is now, to make a difference and build our legacy. Underpinned by a world class, three-day program of learning and networking, National Congress will offer global perspectives, best-practice keynotes, and interactive, thought-provoking discussions, designed to empower our industry to actively embrace future opportunities and become the change we want to see.

About LASA and ACCPA

LASA is the national association for age service providers across residential care, home care and retirement living. We represent providers in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia – 54% of our Members are not-for-profit, 38% are for-profit and 8% are public providers. Our purpose is to enable high performing, respected and sustainable age services that support older Australians to age well by providing care, support and accommodation with quality, safety and compassion—always.

Our diverse and representative membership makes LASA ‘the voice of aged care’ in Australia. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our Members by providing:

  • a strong and influential voice leading the agenda on issues of national importance
  • access to valuable and value-adding information, advice, services and support
  • value for money by delivering our services and support efficiently and effectively

Members of LASA and ACSA recently voted to unite into a new industry association for all providers of age services in Australia, which will be called ACCPA – Aged & Community Care Providers Association. The new organisation will be operational from 1 July and at that point the event will assume the title ACCPA National Congress. Participants may receive LASA branded communications post 1 July as we gradually transition to the new organisation.

The National Congress brings together the sector across three days. Check out the highlights from the 2019 National Congress