Invitation to Participate

LASA invites you to join us for Ten Days of Congress 12-23 October 2020 – an exclusively online event to help our industry drive amazing ageing experiences.

This two-week COVID-safe cyber extravaganza will bring keynote speakers, interactive sessions, networking opportunities, virtual trade exhibits and unique activities straight to you – making it more accessible than ever before.

Designed for every member of the age services industry – from managers to carers – this vital professional development opportunity will provide a full schedule of quality sessions. Customise your Ten Days of Congress experience to make it work for you, to suit your needs, your agenda and your timetable.

Jump into your selected sessions through our Virtual Congress Portal, complemented by a range of Satellite Events from tailored forums and workshops to celebrating our heroes at the National Excellence in Age Services Awards 2020.

Now more than ever before, we need to come together to be enriched, to support one another, and to move forward to achieve an amazing ageing experience for all Australians.

Ten Days of Congress Theme

Imagine a world in which we can age with confidence – where we feel safe, respected and loved, and where we are supported to continue to live our lives to the full.

Now more than ever people are demanding excellence from age services providers, both in the provision of quality care and in the way we innovate.

Providers are responding by delivering consumer-led services and diversifying to offer experiences that are unrivalled, while at the same time ensuring their businesses remain sustainable and viable.

For the age services industry to thrive, we need to commit to a vision, collaborate together, and work as a community – from small to large providers – to redesign the ageing experience. 

As we begin this Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020-2030), now is the time to reassess our perceptions and attitudes, and deliver new actions.

Ten Days of Congress invites the entire age services community to join us and explore how we can deliver a future where every Australian can access an amazing ageing experience.  

We want to hear from older Australians about their ideal amazing ageing experience and are calling on the sector to send us video clips to incorporate into the Ten Days of Congress. Grab your camera or phone and ask your senior friends, family and clients what their ideal ageing experience would be. What do they love doing, what inspires them, what is important to them as they age and what advice would they give to younger people about ageing?

Submit your videos to

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We are pleased to present our program delivered over ten business days. Across the ten days, our diverse range of speakers will inspire and challenge your theories, practices and how you conduct business. Hear from your industry experts as they push the envelope, present new age thinking and encourage us to redesign the age services sector. The online platform makes the speakers more accessible than ever before keeping the conversation going well after the session end. 

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