Topic:  KinSnap is an innovative solution addressing social isolation while boosting aged care service quality and strengthening your team. 

Day: Monday 19 October

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


KinSnap is a new service helping families and friends build stronger bonds with older relatives and loved ones.

When there are so many challenges around us, we know you’ll want to do something positive for those you love who are accessing aged care services. Ensuring that they feel part of your life has never been more important than during these anxious COVID-19 times.

KinSnap allows older loved ones to receive a beautiful, personalised family newsletter, every fortnight or month. The newsletter contains large, clear photos and stories shared by their families and friends. KinSnap periodically and automatically generates prints, and posts the newsletter by mail to your older loved one, whether they are in an Aged Care home, or living independently.

The person who receives it will enjoy the regularity of the paper-based newsletter, something physical which they can keep nearby and relish. Not only will they feel connected to loved ones spread across the state, Australia or the world, but they can use the personal newsletter as a topic of discussion to share with friends and carers.

KinSnap also gives residential aged care staff members a readily accessible “hook” for initiating meaningful conversations with older people while carrying out care activities or planning meaningful activities in accordance with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Families and friends can contribute by joining a private account. Upload photos via an app on your phone or by logging into your account on your computer. Photos from fun times and events, day to day life, your cat/ dog, memories – all ensures loved one feels included and connected.

Using the app is simpler than most existing social networks. Built using privacy by design, all data is securely encrypted, and stored in Australia to the highest quality standards





Coming from a geographically dispersed family, Antoine is determined to solve family engagement issues using a mix of modern technology and traditional communication mediums. Antoine previously lead operations over large portfolios of enterprise and consumer applications in the education and sport sector. With a strong passion for creation, Antoine has an extensive “full stack” product development experience focused on human-centered designs.