Topic: Innovative Tools & Technologies For Successful Strategy Implementation (We Can’t Start Again But We Can Change How the Story Ends)

Day: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Time:  1:50pm-2:10pm AEDT


Major strategies often begin with much fuss and hullabaloo yet make no difference to people’s lives.

Employee experience does not live up to the promise. So cynicism pervades, and often prevails. Consumers only care about your strategy if it truly cares about them.

Strategy implementation is the fruit of your efforts. So many Aged Care providers spend thousands and thousands on strategic plans yet nothing much really changes for the consumer nor the employee. Fruitless.

The first part of my presentation will outline my five fallacies about Strategy Implementation:

1. The Board has decided, so action always follows
2. Clear and compelling messages make change
3. Lifting standards increases accountability
4. Employees need fixing not managers
5. If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t matter

Successful strategies begin in the right place. Service delivery teams and frontline workers often know exactly what is and isn’t working. Boards and top management are often disconnected from that reality.

I’ll talk about how technology could achieve connectedness between the Board and business. Directors need a proactive, dynamic and real-time approach to monitoring on the ground initiatives, continual compliance and risk while maintaining good governance practices.

A perfect example is a strategic imperative to progressively align the organisation with the Aged Care Quality Standards. How would you monitor their implementation and ongoing changes? How would you monitor the implementation of COVID Safe practices?

I’ll present the following research to unpack the current problem Boards face with strategies that don’t get them to where they need to be:

• 90% of companies admit that they fail to reach all their strategic goals because they don’t implement them well

• 59% of companies admit that their organisations struggle to bridge the gap between strategy development and its practical, day-to-day implementation

• 62% of companies admit that implementation is seen as an operational task, as opposed to a strategic one

• 54% of leading organisations provide effective feedback to allow those implementing strategies to take into account information from the evolving competitor landscape, compared with 35% for non-leading organisations

The second part of my presentation will be about the latest tools and technologies supporting Aged Care Strategy Implementation:


The Business Change Canvas® is an innovative coaching tool enabling Aged Care leaders and managers to operationalise strategy and incorporate the four key human factors underpinning followership (the counterpart of leadership) into operational plans:

1. Trust
2. Compassion
3. Stability
4. Hope


Our strategic coaching app, THE HABIT BUILDER, enables essential “leader-led” conversations (e.g. accountability, planning, engagement etc.). These conversations are then established as 30-day micro-goals, supported in the Habit Builder App by the leader, the direct report and their peers.


Our online strategy portal designed specifically for Aged Care providers replaces the thousands of versions of Planning spreadsheets. Our tools drive operational visibility from the bedroom to the Boardroom for KPIs, sharing common goals and fostering accountable actions:

a. One source of strategic truth, accessible 24/7 and fully customised to the organisation’s strategy and its leadership structure

b. Link strategic and operational plans horizontally and vertically simultaneously driving accountability and collaboration

c. Schedules recurring strategy performance reviews with minimal preparation and always with the latest version on hand

d. Deep reporting and analytics on strategic progress and roadblocks

e. Automated event triggers and notifications when activities breach measurable thresholds or tolerances

f. Monitor compliance, contractual and regulatory obligations and their maintenance



Bruce Mullan is Principal of Vinaigrette Leadership Excellence
Vinaigrette Leadership Excellence uses a range of technologies to measure, develop and optimise leadership in the Public, Health and Community Sectors to create the culture and the conditions for high performance.

Using data-driven insights gleaned from our learning technology solutions, Vinaigrette helps senior executives and managers to rapidly upskill, change mindsets and adapt their leadership styles to better meet the needs of an increasingly ambiguous, fast-changing and complex business environment.

For the past eight years, he has provided consulting services to dozens of public, aged care, disability and community organisations. He has guided business transformations by radically changing business practices, implementing new technology and introducing commercial ways of thinking.

Bruce has an impressive CV of clients having worked with Baptcare, Catholic Care Sydney, Catholic Care Victoria/Tasmania, Education Services Australia, Expression Australia, Japara, Mecwacare, Mind Australia, National Heart Foundations, Neami National, Oxfam, Spectrum, Stroke Foundation, Victoria Police, VMCH, YMCA and Yooralla.

Previously, Bruce provided global consulting services for the insurance sector for 13 years in 17 countries, including working with the PWC Management Consulting division out of their New York office. In this time, Bruce led several long-term Finance & Digital transformation projects for multi-national companies to streamline, simplify, automate and optimise operations.

Bruce’s extensive experience in consulting, finance, technology and leadership development enables him to work with leaders to successfully navigate the growing complexity of our external world.


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