Topic: From strategic plan to high-quality care: using clinical governance as a strategy for achieving an amazing ageing experience.

Day: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Time:  1:30pm-1:50pm AEDT


All human services’ strategic plans say something about the quality of care, services and experiences that an organisation wants to be known for. But getting from strategy to operational reality is a significant challenge. It’s possible to tick all the clinical governance boxes and still experience problems and inconsistencies with care and service quality in your organisation.

Now, more than ever, we need to know that managers and staff are equipped and supported to provide the right care in the right way, every day. Effective clinical governance should support you to achieve this – but it takes more than having the right components in place. It’s how they’re implemented and how well they work to support your staff to provide consistently safe, high quality care every day that makes the difference.

This requires clinical governance to be implemented as a bridge between strategic plan goals and what happens at point of care. Leading strategic clinical governance requires the board and executive to develop a shared understanding of what it takes to create consistently high quality care and services in a complex organisation and to govern, lead and implement with purpose. There are some core ‘must-dos’ that make the difference between inconsistent care and service quality and ‘amazing ageing experiences.’

Drawing on best practice, research and experience with high performing clinical governance systems, this session will equip participants to:
1. Identify the core components of clinical governance required to support amazing ageing experiences.
2. Clarify the board and executive roles in leading clinical governance for success.
3.Plan clinical governance implementation to support the organisation’s strategic direction, within a complex organisation.
4. Engage staff in creating a culture of high performance as part of clinical governance implementation.




Adjunct Professor Cathy Balding is the Director of Qualityworks PL, dedicated to ‘making quality make sense’ for health, aged and community services. Over three decades, Cathy has worked in healthcare quality and executive roles, and in accreditation and government policy development. She’s been involved in the development of state and federal quality and clinical governance frameworks, standards and measures, and conducted clinical governance training in Victoria for the Department of Health and Human Services for a number of years. Cathy is also a past acute healthcare accreditation assessor and current aged care board member.

Over the past 10 years, Cathy’s work with organisations has centred on implementing clinical governance as an organisational strategy for business success. Her ‘strategic quality and clinical governance system’ supports boards and executives to plan and implement purposeful and practical clinical governance systems that make a real difference at point of care and service delivery.

Cathy has also conducted published research on effective quality systems and is the author of three books on the topic. She provides a number of resources to support high quality care, including her No Harm Done podcast, online courses and ‘QNews’ bulletin.