Topic: Managing the movement of residents in response to positive COVID-19 risk – balancing the wellbeing of residents with legal risk and clinical governance issues

Day: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Time:  1:50pm-2:10pm AEDT


Providers are adapting and responding to COVID-19 risk in aged care services and considering how best to protect the safety of both COVID-19 positive and negative residents. Increasingly providers are looking to identify locations and solutions where residents might be safely cohorted together to isolate the unwell, quarantine those suspected to have COVID-19, or reduce the exposure to COVID-19 negative residents. Residents are also choosing to return home temporarily, a move which involves its own unique set of challenges.
This session will be presented by Julie McStay and Lucinda Smith who are Partners in the Health, Aged Care and Retirement Villages team at Thomson Geer and Cynthia Payne who is the Chief Executive officer of Anchor Excellence. 
Together they will examine the legal, risk management and clinical governance issues that providers must navigate if they are considering cohorting COVID-19 positive residents in a particular part of a service or, for larger providers, in a dedicated COVID-19 positive service and how they can do so without compromising resident well-being. We will also look how providers are managing the issues relating to consumers who choose to take leave to return to the community.
From a legal and clinical governance perspective we will consider:
• The legal and compliance issues in the context of immediate COVID-19 risk• Clinical governance for COVID-19 positive, negative and exposed residents, including infection control• Identifying suitable sites where residents may be cohorted together and strategies to manage risk  • Obtaining the relevant consent from residents or substitute decision makers• Security of tenure issues 


Originally educated as a RN, Cynthia is a recognised industry expert with 30 years contribution to aged care leadership, governance (Director and Chair) , compliance and excellence.

Skilled in leadership, business mentoring, strategy, change management and aged care management she founded Anchor Excellence in 2018 to focus on enabling leaders- Boards, Executive and Managers- with the necessary skills, support and programs to ensure sustainable and high performing organisations.

Her executive experience includes her long term role as CEO for SummitCare (2002-2018). Under her leadership the organisation was recognised on three occasions for global excellence using the Australian Business Excellence Framework with a Silver in 2009 and Gold in 2012 and 2014. In 2015 she
was recognised in the Australian Growth Awards and in 2018 as Western Sydney University- Women of the West- Business Category on International Women’s Day.

She is a seasoned governance professional, speaker and facilitator, with an astute ability to cut through complexity Cynthia is a thought leader and innovator. Programs like the Compliance Essential – Key personnel (with over 500 participants to date) and the HIRA-e have come from her curious nature to find solutions to current issues, gaps in capability and needs for consumers.