Topic: A Systems Approach to Governance and Risk Management

Day: Wednesday 21 October 2020

Time:  10:30am-11:00am AEDT


This session presents a unique review of the clinical governance of residential aged care in Australia over the past few years. It focuses on the lived experience of consumers, looking at residential aged care through the consumer’s lens, the lens of those who provide the care and the care itself.

Board members, executives and managers will be provided with an overview of the industry changes and their impact on consumer expectations, employees and the clinical care outcomes.

The key takeaways for participants include:
• Systems thinking to measuring performance.
• The key drivers for enhancing the consumer experience and the delivery of safe quality care and services.
• Critical workforce and management attributes and built environment features identified by consumers.
• Correlations between ACFI funding, care hours and clinical outcomes.
• Q&A:10 minute session on strategic focus and business planning.
• Copy of the QPS Benchmarking Residential Aged Care Performance Report for 2020.




Originally educated as a RN, Cynthia is a recognised industry expert with 30 years contribution to aged care leadership, governance (Director and Chair) , compliance and excellence.

Skilled in leadership, business mentoring, strategy, change management and aged care management she founded Anchor Excellence in 2018 to focus on enabling leaders- Boards, Executive and Managers- with the necessary skills, support and programs to ensure sustainable and high performing organisations.

Her executive experience includes her long term role as CEO (2002-2018). Under her leadership the company was recognised on three occasions for global excellence using the Australian Business Excellence Framework with a Silver in 2009 and Gold in 2012 and 2014. In 2015 she was recognised in the Australian Growth Awards and in 2018 as Western Sydney University- Women of the West- Business Category on International Women’s Day.