Topic: Marketing in a Changing Climate: How to Build and Maintain Trust and Confidence
with Your Customers at a Difficult Time

Day: Friday 16 October 2020

Time: 1:50pm-2:20pm AEDT


Ultimately all forms of communication are about making connections that change lives. At its best communications improves understanding, drives better behaviours, builds confidence, encourages collaboration, moves people, teaches, sparks new thinking, breaks down barriers, mitigates outrage, reassures and builds trust. During a major crisis like the global pandemic we’ve all experienced together, it saves lives. As we now move into recovery and rebuilding trust and confidence, storytelling is paramount in connecting people to a common purpose. If you understand the power of creating these connections, then communications can be a positive force for good. 



Damien Edmonds, Co-Founder of Edmonds Marketing. Edmonds Marketing has depth of knowledge of the Australian aged services sector developing marketing and communications strategies for large, national, private and smaller locally-based community-owned organisations