Topic: Your Workforce Is Your Greatest Asset

Day: Wednesday 14 October 2020

Time: 1:50pm – 2:10pm AEDT


At the heart of Australian aged care is passionate, dedicated people. In order for our senior citizens to receive an “amazing ageing experience”, it is essential that they are cared for by people who are capable and resourced to do so. With this in mind, we ask the question; “what is the role of aged care organisations in ensuring that employees remain engaged, empowered, skilled and equipped?”

Technology has a unique ability to marry together many of the ingredients for workforce success. Safety, autonomy, engagement and compliance flow down to employees, making an organisation somewhere that people are eager to work. With churn and change being consistent challenges in aged care it is critical to recognise the importance of being people-first. Organisations do have a responsibility to find a way to create a culture of trust and bring these ingredients to fruition.
The workforce represents the largest expense in aged care. It is critical to business continuity that employees are recognised as an asset, one that must be invested in to continue a trajectory of success. As we strive for the highest quality care, the practices employed to deploy skilled workers in the most efficient way hinge all success. Optimisation is cost, productivity and the bottom line, however, it is paramount that modern aged care knows optimisation is also supporting it’s greatest asset – it’s people.

As we plan for the future, artificially intelligent workforce technologies will continue to evolve and change with the aged care industry. The unparalleled insight that real-time data and analytics equips business leaders with informs them of how to care for their employees so they, in turn, can care for our seniors. There is an expectation in modern days that technology is fast-advancing and readily available. Innovation is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ when recruiting and retaining top talent. It is now demanded that organisations are agile in their adoption and use of innovative technology. In order for high quality care to be consistently delivered, it is critical that organisations recognise their responsibility to influence their workplace culture and become employers of choice.
Working in healthcare, I believe that “great businesses are powered by great people”. How will your organisation fulfil its challenge to keep those great people engaged, empowered and equipped into the future?


Darren Kilmartin’s Healthcare career spans over 28 years, starting as a Medical Scientist at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Darren is experienced in a variety of roles including scientific, business development management, operations management and executive leadership. This diversity has allowed him to oversee the delivery and engagement of services to health organisations across Australia including the public and private aged care sector. Darren is passionate about managing teams, large workforces and strategic services.

In the last decade Darren has worked in delivering, at the cold face and governance level, the first wave of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in the acute sector across the eastern seaboard of Australia. He is also proud to have been a volunteer Director on the Board of a large Community Health Service over the past 13 years.

Darren currently leads the Healthcare Services for Kronos ANZSEA. In this role he enjoys engaging, advising and supporting the many organisations across our public, private and not-for-profit health care sector. .