Topic: Understanding Accommodation Affordability

Day: Tuesday 13 October

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


Understanding Accommodation Affordability
(Financials & Funding Globally)

In a Covid world waiting lists are shorter, competition is fiercer, residents have higher care needs and costs are rising. Occupancy is down yet bigger, better and classier facilities are being built and this accommodation gap needs to be filled.

Today’s low rate environment means residents are looking to how they can best afford the costs of aged care and preserve their future legacy for their families.

A clear understanding of what their accommodation options are helps residents and families know what to expect, understand their choices, while giving aged care operators greater confidence that residents can afford the accommodation available to them. The bottom line is to enable staff to feel competent in having these conversations with potential residents by understanding various accommodation strategies available to align with residents financial resources.

In this session we will explore the difficulties faced by residents trying to demystify the increasing range of aged care options and how practically they can surmount these difficulties by showing real life examples. We will show how clarifying what these options mean for their personal circumstances can help families avoid being overwhelmed and make an informed accommodation choice for their loved one. The aim to make them comfortable with their accommodation decision so facilities can fill their rooms.





Donald has extensive experience in guiding clients through the financial complexities of the aged care and retirement living systems. Donald works with aged care and retirement living communities through staff training, presenting at industry forums and attending client events. His presentations cover the financial aspects of care as well as the soft skills required to help facility staff to “fill their rooms” so they can “put out the no vacancy sign”. His organisation, Alteris Lifestyle & Care, currently has seven financial planners specialising in aged care advice and they help up to 1000 families a year. Donald has delivered talks, webinars and workshops for Anglicare, Christadelphian Homes, Moran Group, LASA, IRT, Opal, Lendlease, Salvation Army, Scalabrini, Stockland, Uniting, Rotary and ACSA. As well as being an Accredited Aged Care Professional Donald is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the Association of Financial Advisers.