Topic: COVID-19: What Aged Care Facilities need to know about cleaning and disinfecting from an Infection Control and Prevention perspective

Day: Monday 12 October

Time:  3:30pm-4:00pm AEDT


The loo and the poo, the goo and SARS-CoV-2The loo and the poo, the goo and SARS-CoV-2
The goal of every bacteria and virus is survival. These pathogens have strategies that assist in their survival, which includes free transport via hands and mobile surfaces. Many bacteria and fungi adapt to form new homes on new surfaces with biofilm growth, and within these biofilms, there is transmission of genetic elements that confer resistance to antibiotics and medicines. Microorganisms live on us, in us and around us. You cannot see the good bacteria, and you cannot see the bad bacteria. Once bacteria set up a biofilm on a surface, they liberate members of the community to find other locations where a new home can be established, or an infection commenced. It becomes very important that surfaces are cleaned efficiently, and the nasty bacteria and other microbes are removed and killed effectively.  
This presentation will give you a practical overview on the published evidence and core elements required to develop an effective cleaning and disinfecting program. Effective disinfection requires implementation of strategies that involve product selection, proper application and dwell time. Complicating factors include biofilms and inadequately cleaned surfaces.
Key Topics covered include:• The importance of separation (i.e. social distancing)• Hygiene for optimal infection prevention          – Hand Hygiene          – Surface Cleaning & Disinfection• How to implement practices, policies, standards and behaviors to operationalise and tailor recommendations from general guidance to meet specific Aged Care Facility needs.





Dr Greg Whiteley
PhD, M Safety Sc, B App Sc, Dip AICD
Chairman, Whiteley Corporation, Adjunct Fellow, School of Medicine, Western Sydney University

Dr. Greg Whiteley, has qualifications from Hawkesbury Agricultural College (Bachelor of Applied Science), the University of New South Wales (Master of Safety Science), the University of New England (Diploma Australian Institute of Company Directors) and Western Sydney University (Doctor of Philosophy). He is the Chairman of Whiteley Corporation, and an Adjunct Fellow in the School of Medicine at Western Sydney University. He is the Collaboration Partner Study Director for an iMCRC Grant with the School of Medicine at Sydney University which is investigating novel solutions for biofilm contamination and other forms of biofilm mediated infections