Amanda TerranovA, Director of marketing + brand, mirus australia

A professional marketing career spanning 5 countries, numerous fortune 500 companies, many hashtags including the breadth of direct aged care experience, Amanda Terranova is always looking for the edge or the point of difference for the brands and clients she works with. On January 1st, 2019 with co-creator and NextGen Principal Advisor Samantha Bowen, Amanda launched #Celebratingwomeninagedcare. There was no budget, very little time, but a vision of recognising and celebrating that over 80% of the workforce in Australia Aged Care are women. Amanda supports the growth of the Mirus Australia Brand in the aged care industry marketplace. With her colleagues in the Mirus Marketing, they provide Marketing and Communication strategies and tactical plans of for aged care providers. Amanda joined the aged care sector, after returning to Australia after 6 years living and working in New York. Previously, she worked for WPP, a global media, and advertising company, working directly with clients like Dell Computers, Proctor, and Gamble, Saks 5th Avenue, GlaxoKlineSmith, and AT&T. Amanda is passionate about supporting young health care professionals in their careers and helping them find their own voice. No matter what their interest is.

Day 3, 11:00am – 11:30am – Google your name. Let’s chat your reputation, hashtags, COPE, voice search + the Royal Commission.

Google your name, your organisation and your boss’s name! Balancing the reputation of your brand is critical online and offline. Understanding your marketing short-term plan with the long-term requirements of brand management requires navigation and understanding the buying trends of our consumers and potential clients.
This presentation will provide practical tips and tools on how to manage the balance of marketing and brand in a modern and competitive market. Examples include the top 10 ways to weather a storm in times of adversarial media attention and how to prepare for when it will happen to you.
How to build a local or global campaign with no budget, minimal time and a hashtag!
Share the COPE marketing principles to maximise your time, budget and resources.
The rise of voice search and linking this channel back to your marketing and brand strategies.
This session provides marketing & brand principles from a practicing professional marketer and examples of aged care providers in NSW and Victoria who have embraced the challenge of how they ‘do’ marketing and #makingagedcarebetter