Better Ageing Futures - It’s in our Hands Panel Session

Day 1, 3:00pm – 3:45pm – Better Ageing Futures – It’s in our hands

Nick Loudon, CEO, Seasons Aged

Nick Loudon

Nick Loudon is Chief Executive Officer of Seasons Aged Care, which currently owns and operates six aged care communities across South East Queensland. Nick has more than 35 years clinical and executive management experience in private hospitals, public hospitals, health insurance, retirement living and in-home community care, and was a Board Director of LASA Queensland from 2013-2016. Nick holds a Master of Health Administration, a Bachelor of Science Nursing and Post Graduate Qualifications in Trauma Management, Coronary Care, Hyperbaric Management and Midwifery. He believes passionately that at every stage and every age, each of us strive for ‘quality of life’ and he is determined that advanced age is no more a ‘disease’ than is youth – both have their challenges. His vision is that aged care, focused on quality of life and respect for the choices of our elders, can be delivered in any location..

Marcus Riley, UN Representative, Global Ageing Network

Marcus Riley

Marcus Riley’s career in the field of ageing spans over two decades, providing leadership and influence on local, national and global levels. As Australia’s leading international advocate on ageing, he regularly addresses the issue at the United Nations, is chairman of the Global Ageing Network and member of the governing committee of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older Persons. Marcus lives in Brisbane with his wife and three young children. Booming: A life-changing philosophy for ageing well is his first book

Senator Rachel Siewert, The Greens

Rachel Siewert

Senator Rachel Siewert has been in Parliament for over ten years, making her the most experienced parliamentarian of the Australian Greens.
Her portfolios include Family and Community Services, Ageing, Mental Health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Issues. She has recently  been reappointed as chair to the Community Affairs Reference committee.
Rachel is the Australian Greens Whip. Rachel’s position as chair of the Senate Community Affairs References Committee has allowed her to bring light to landmark issues such as; suicide prevention, hearing health, income inequality, forced adoptions and out of home care. Rachel lives in Perth. She loves Western Australia’s natural environment and getting out to the beach and desert.