dEPLOYING an entrepreneurial mindset

Day 2, 11:00am – 11:30am – Deploying an Entrepreneurial Mindset 

As the industry seeks to navigate a growth in increased consumer expectations, greater market competition, and deepening government regulation, providers will likely find themselves pressed to employ a more entrepreneurial mindset in looking to address these fundamental challenges.
An example of this sort of thinking can be seen in the project undertaken by hayylo in conjunction with Gippsland Lakes Community Health. Confronted with the struggle of finding innovative solutions to their evolving needs, Gippsland Lakes Community Health approached hayylo with a goal. ‘How do we provide our front-line teams with a better working environment, whilst giving customers greater choice and more control?’.
Opening the door to a collaboration between an entrepreneurial mindset and an innovative facilitator, the initiative required the skills and agile design thinking of hayylo and the resources and experience of Gippsland Lakes Community Health, birthing the innovation CanDo Services.
Critical to the design of CanDo Services was the capacity of the platform to allow greater agency for all involved. Striving to balance complex and sometimes competing needs, CanDo services is a fully autonomous booking system that gives customers the choice as to which support team member they want, and gives the members of the support team the ability to choose their working hours.
hayylo has sought to bring this level of innovative thinking to all its endeavours, and has proven a measurable success in that regard. Across the communities that hayylo has rolled its wider customer experience platform out to, there has been a 25% increase in scheduling efficiency, and a 70% reduction in short notice cancellations. 63% of customers have reported that they have seen better response times to service changes, and providers have reported a 20% reduction in customer calls.
Now a leading innovator in the aged, disability, and home health care sector, hayylo has seen successes over multiple deployments. hayylo is positioned to scale even further than the 20,000 end users the platform has already reached and the hayylo team have structured their engagements so as to partner in innovative projects with regularity and effect.
As the demands and challenges of the aged, disability, and home health care sector evolve, the employment of an entrepreneurial mindset and a commitment to innovation will be significant for the providers and businesses seeking to evolve with it. Through collaboration, the industry can support an environment filled with examples of long term viability and success.

Simon Heaysman, COO & Co-Founder, hayylo

Gregory Satur, CEO & Co-Founder, hayylo

Following personal experience with the complexities of interacting with home care services and a lack of interactive technology to do so, the founders of hayylo became passionate about their vision to help customers and their families connect with their services and care providers. The founders of hayylo discovered that there wasn’t an intelligent solution available in the market that met their needs, so they built one.