Dorothy Nycz is the General Manager Environments at ECH – Enabling Confidence at Home, with more than 20 years of experience in the delivery of social infrastructure projects.
Dorothy leads the Environments portfolio which supports 2,000 residents living across ECH’s 105 villages and 1,700 units including provision of ground and home maintenance by an award-winning in-house facilities management team.
With project delivery and property management at its core, the Environments team will oversee the delivery of new build projects across Adelaide in the next five years.
Skilled in Contract Management, Operations Management, Risk Management, Government, Procurement and Strategic Planning.  Dorothy is a property professional with a Bachelor of Building (Hons) from the University of South Australia and a Graduate Diploma in Construction Law from Melbourne University.

Day 2, 11:30am – 12:00pm –¬†Home Fit For Life (ECH Retirement Living)

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Ageing-in-place is not only a response to our individual desires but also an evidence-based approach to increased mental and physical health outcomes for older Australians. An approach that supports continuous connection to community, an appropriate built environment and reduces government costs associated with intensive care and housing solutions – surely this is an approach that we all desire.
Ageing-in-place does not necessarily require us to age in our long-term homes but explore the shift to purpose-built aged housing, connected to our long-term communities. This shift provides for a range of benefits including increased life expectancy, reduced morbidity, elevated mental health and overall wellbeing, and greater engagement with the broader community. To date, these observations by the retirement living sector have not been supported by evidence, and there is an absence of published studies comparing the influence of housing type on successful ageing.