Dylan Verrier, Co-Founder, Pluss60

Let me start off with a little story…
“Old people don’t use tech!”… I’m embarrassed to say it now, but these were the first ignorant thoughts that popped into my head when our technology group was asked to pivot from helping run major music festivals to the ageing community.
Australia’s largest retirement provider conducted a global market analysis to find a software solution to help drive customer satisfaction. Their findings came up empty. So they had to look elsewhere and that’s when they came across Pluss60.
Pluss60 has always been a design lead technology group that prides itself on helping both the customers and providers get the most out of their experience. Whether that be when we worked with some of the world’s top 50 universities or music festivals.
Now, you may not think there is much in common between glitter covered millennials and the ageing community… but like we were, you would be entirely wrong. The ageing community has been hungry to connect in a way that the rest of us take for granted, through digital.
No matter how old you are, design lead principles will always apply. Along with using these, we also didn’t want to follow the typical “we care” approach to software in ageing. We wanted to put the customers lifestyle, fun and interests at the forefront instead. You know, the things that they actually love, not just need. From the ground up, we wanted to disrupt the ageing sector with new ways of technology adoption, customer journey mapping, implementing change management and scalability of new systems.
After 100’s of hours of testing across all levels (customer to C-level) to figure out what really mattered, we had our first solution ready.
One year, first village highlights to date:
-95% adoption and daily use of our platform
-1248 Friendings
-1629 Resident Created Events
-232 Digital News and Communication posts
Progressing since and using best practice principles, Pluss60 is leading a large scale digital innovation co-design project with groups taking industry change seriously:
It’s purpose… to build solutions that produce REAL outcomes for both customers and providers in an industry desperate for change.
With this story, I would like to present on the following:
-One year data on customer technology adoption
-Industry co-design programs
-Change management
-Design lead, customer centric thinking in the world of digital

With a forward thinking attitude, a fresh and innovative approach to growth and a tireless personality, Dylan’s heart is in building passionate working relationships.
He has run two successful, customer experience focused start-ups within the toughest demographic there is, “pesky millennials.” He’s helped world top 50 universities engage with their students, like never before and then used this same engagement strategy to help run some of Australia’s largest music festivals.
After a global industry wide market analysis found a severe lack of customer experience focused software for ageing communities, he knew that this was the next problem he had to solve.
His philosophy is big, bold, design-lead and obsessed with creating genuine connections between people and brands. 

Day 3, 11:30am – 12:00pm – From Major Music Festivals to the Ageing Community – Why Design Lead Thinking is What Matters in the Digital Age