Emma Pate, General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Alayacare

Providers are transforming their businesses to adjust to tectonic shifts in the industry:
• Aging populations with complex chronic illnesses, which demands more funds (which are difficult to come by)
• A shift to bundled reimbursement which demands quality and health outcome measures that are difficult to extract and report against
• Rising labor costs, inefficient utilization and lack of performance insight compound an industry under enormous margin compression
The shift to electronic medical records, digital systems and cloud computing has made capturing and compiling large amounts of data much easier. However, despite having large amounts of data, providers are generally faced with the challenge of not knowing how to leverage the data beyond basic reporting. Moreover, in the home and community care sector in
particular, visit, operational information, and clinical data is often stored in paper format — or if is it digital, resides siloed databases. These system deficiencies make it near impossible to gain a holistic view of operations and eliminates the ability to “pivot” data.
The catalyst for this change is to be obsessed about data driven decision making. Thankfully, the rise of business intelligence (BI) is unlocking actionable insights that will dramatically improve home and community care organizations.
Learning Objectives:
• Data collection technology available in the home care space
• Why you should be collecting data
• How to leverage data to improve outcomes
• Learn how to determine what’s important to various stakeholders and KPIs you should be tracking
Target Audience: Owners, Executives, Administrators, Managers.

Emma Pate is the GM-ANZ for AlayaCare, she has spent 20 years solving real health issues and developing businesses for global ICT and health companies. Based in Sydney, Emma was an active member of ACIVA (Aged Care IT vendors) and has worked in partnership with some of the largest Aged care organisations in Australia and New Zealand. Emma has delivered aged care, received home care and is passionate about leveraging innovative technology solutions across the Health care ecosystem. She carries over a decade’s experience in community care and health at Silver Chain Group/ EOS, Telstra Health and iSOFT/ iBA.

Day 3, 11:30am – 12:00pm – Data vs. Insights: How Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Improve Outcomes and Operational Efficiencies