FI MERCER, CEO & FOUNDER, Governance Evaluator

Fi is a governance specialist (MBA – Major Governance and Ethics), GAICD, Grad Dip Impact Leadership), disruptive innovator and successful entrepreneur, with 30 years leadership experience. In particular, Fi has an absolute passion for working with rural and regional boards and creating solutions for enabling them to access what they need to be effective in their governing roles.
She is the founding director of the award winning, Governance Evaluator – Australia’s preeminent cloud-based platform for board’s governance evaluation and capability building requirements. The platform gives board’s easy access to quality sector specific content, support services and resources, trending, benchmarking and governance insights. 
Fi has vast experience and expertise in facilitating boards through their evaluation and capability building processes.  Fi is a transformational leader in her current and past chair and director roles, as well as her roles as a Founding Director, CEO and Executive Manager.

Day 2, 11:00am – 11:30am – Innovation in bringing the voice of the aged care consumer to the boardroom table

Picture yourself in bed, incapacitated and unable to communicate. Your greatest pleasure in life is a hot cup of coffee, but every day your coffee grows cold while you await the arrival of your carer. 
A board that hears the voice of the consumer when they cannot voice it for themselves, can prevent this from happening.
Fi Mercer, CEO/ Founder of Governance Evaluator, will host a panel of experts who will share innovation for how your organisation can hear the voice of your consumer at the boardroom table.