Clinical Governance – How to Build a Stronger Tomorrow

Day 2, 11:30am – 12:00pm – Clinical Governance – How to Build a Stronger Tomorrow

With view to strengthening our current systems to support clients and staff to work together to achieve safe, high quality care, the Brightwater team has worked over the past twelve months to develop and implement a new clinical governance framework.
Incorporating five broad domains of Leadership and Culture, Consumer Partnerships, Workforce, Risk Management and Clinical Practice the framework aligns closely with the new Aged Care Quality Standards. This approach sets the template for responsive and effective clinical governance across the organisation, putting clients at the centre of our universe.
Collaborating across all areas of the business, systems and processes have been improved to achieve the overall aim of each domain.
Leadership and Culture: “Visible accountable and purposeful leadership that fosters a culture based on trust, fairness, respect and shared values and beliefs”. 
• Development of a clinical governance framework and policy
• Revision of clinical governance committee structures
Consumer partnerships: “Actively working together with consumers and their communities to understand and achieve their goals”. 
• Strengthened consumer feedback systems 
• A focus on consumers as central decision makers and partners in every aspect of engagement and service delivery. 
• Strengthened inclusion and diversity.
Workforce: “The workforce has appropriate knowledge, skills, and leadership to achieve optimal clinical and quality care.” 
• Improved workforce planning, induction, staff performance and revised clinical job descriptions 
• Training and competencies aligned to meet the multifaceted requirements of care.
• Credentialing processes reviewed and expanded.
Risk Management: “Effective and flexible systems and organisational culture that manages the balance between dignity of risk and duty of care.”
• Consolidation of health information system, clinical incident, and key performance indicator management. 
• Strengthened infection prevention management and equipment procurement.
Clinical Practice: “Evidence-based, safe and effective clinical services demonstrated through ongoing evaluation of care outcomes.”
• Strengthened clinical research, handover process, and interdisciplinary teamwork.
• Revised clinical policies/procedures against best practice
• Streamlined clinical audit process
• Centralised system for acts, regulations, and standards.
Brightwater’s shift to this new clinical governance framework is timely. Aged care is in a state of change, with a shift toward delivering the services that clients want, rather than telling clients what they need.
This presentation will give delegates an insight into the processes and strategies required to develop a clinical governance framework. It will also explore the importance of stakeholder consultation, full team commitment, and whole of organisation support to complete the journey.

Ann biggins, quality coordinator, brightwater care group ltd

Ann Biggins1

Ann Biggins is a Registered Nurse with 30 plus years of experience within the acute healthcare and residential aged care.
Ann is passionate about continuous improvement, best practice, and the ability to support others to embrace quality improvement.  She has particular interests in aged care, risk management, clinical audit, emergency response and occupational health and safety.
Ann has worked at Brightwater Care Group since October 2011 in a job-share role as a Quality Coordinator, and has been lead Project Manager for an Emergency Response project and more recently the Clinical Governance Project. 

Jonika De Jonge,Clinical Lead, Brightwater Care Group Ltd


Jonika De Jonge is a Registered Nurse with 25 years of experience working in acute care, disability services, brain injury rehabilitation and residential aged care.
Jonika is passionate about client and staff advocacy and empowerment, and balancing clinical risk with client autonomy.
Jonika has worked at Brightwater Care Group since 2011 in a variety of positions including the Clinical Governance Project. Jonika has been working as Clinical Lead for Brightwater Care group since 2017.